Zoom in the Room

By Waseem Nayab

It’s still a conspiracy if Corona is a virus or it was just another reason to bring changes into our daily life.

Globally many students would have experienced “Online Studying” during the pandemic. It was not something new but also a challenge. One thing I know for sure that every student would have said.

“Studying on-campus is completely different from studying online”-and being a student I also agree strongly. But all reasons aside, it is true that we learned and explored various other methods of learning. The majority of students were unfamiliar with the app Zoom. What are its functions? What was it made for? And many other questions must have popped up in their mind. But this is exactly how technology is advancing.

Covid-19 was the best opportunity for online businesses to grow and knowing that thousands of students like us are using this app every day just proves it right.  

Another skill that the students have mastered is assignment making. Grades were based more on assignments this time. Creativity and accurate information are every teacher’s favorite and students have gained much more experience in this field for good.

Along with online classes, the effective study is also necessary. There are three golden tips to that:

1) Environment.

2) A well maintained routine.

3) Avoiding distractions.

Since students are studying from home, the biggest obstacle in their way was distractions. Right where you have your bed, cell phone, television, maybe a gaming console, or anything that distracts you, how is a student supposed to focus? So it is much better to have a designated spot for studies only with no distractions.

There are more lessons we learned from this global pandemic and we will try to cover all topics. But the biggest change was definitely online studies. So stay safe and let us know if this article was relatable or not.

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