Zandra Beauty, a Childhood Inspired Business

 By Aya Bashiti

Do you ever remember yourself sad as a kid because your parents refused to buy you something you really wanted?

Zandra Azariah Cunningham, a 19-year-old business visionary from Buffalo, NY, Her interest with business enterprise started when she was 9 years old as a result of her dad’s refusal to purchase her adored lip balm. His “NO” constrained her to do the work and make her own. 

With the help of her family, her newly discovered appreciation for enterprise, and focus, she began her business, Azariah’s Guiltlessness, a number of days shy of my 10th birthday.

Her first to begin with items, lip balms, and whipped shea body butter were sold at local farmer markets within the summer of 2010. She began with lip balms and body butter because these were professional.

She made it her mission to make products that smelled good and kept her skin soft without irritating it. Moreover, she wanted to give girls a natural alternative to all those commercial items with yucky unhealthy ingredients.

After graduating from LBU and UB she decided to rebrand the business, to a more focused brand. Whereas working with her designer Elea Lutz, she realized she wanted Zandra to stand for something extraordinary. The rebrand was not simple since she wanted it to culminate. she had to choose the correct colors, lovely and inspiring quotes so that when a young lady reads it, she would feel more powerful.

One of her sayings:

“I believe that young ladies should be confident in their own skin and learn what beauty is from the inside out.  My hope is to inspire youth to take action and make things happen for themselves and their communities. I aspire to create natural products that promote healthy skin care regimens and motivate you daily.”

What kind of platform did Zandra Azariah use to help her achieve her dream?

“A platform like Kebloom would have allowed me to dig deeper into who I am as an entrepreneur and have helped me establish what it is I want to achieve, early on. It would have also given me a sense of having a community of people in the same boat, giving me the confidence I needed.”

Some skills that Zandra brought to Zandra beauty

She believes she brought optimism, passion and creativity to Zandra beauty

Advices that Zandra gave to aspire young entrepreneurs 

1.      Lead with confidence, know what you’re selling and own it. 

2.      be determined, a ‘no’ is never the end. Keep going until that ‘yes.’

3.      Take pride in what you’re doing, so others do too.

4.      Learn to network, well, because it’s not always what you know.

5.      Do the research and plan-ahead

6.      Know your value and have something people really want and need

In conclusion achieving your goals or dream, is about the confidence you have in yourself and the choices you make, just believe in yourself and remember that if you can dream it then you can always do it.

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