When food becomes doubtful


It all started following our observation on a survey conducted by “The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey “on the world population allergic to gluten, this shows as result a question of life and death.

They are like warriors in the supermarkets, holding a magnifying glass in front of every product because they don’t trust their food, which creates a feeling of discrimination that causes them mental suffering.

Deprived of many blessings such as; birthday cakes, traditional Moroccan cuisine such as lHrira, bread also which is essential for strengthening the immune system, not to mention chocolate which is mainly used in sweets and baking. According to 360.ma in 2018, 400,000 Moroccans are intolerant to gluten, which is equivalent to 1% of population, and since chocolate is ready to fade due to the decrease in cocoa, our next generations could be deprived of this delight.

Fortunately, our nature is fertile and unique, and behind every problem there is an opportunity, and we, the actors of ENSA El Jadida, were ready to seize it.

We came with Chocaroube! An exclusive project based on carob; an abundant element in our Moroccan lands, according to “ecologie.ma” Morocco is the second world producer of this element, this encouraged us to think about our project by launching gluten-free products in order to help these people and bring revolutionary changes in the food industry.

We have been able to produce Gluten Free products, namely:

• Cookies

• Cupcakes

• Pastry cakes

Thus, our project meets 2 criteria among the 17 objectives of sustainable development which are: Good health and well-being insofar as our project mainly meets a need of people allergic to gluten and implicitly to any individual who wants to follow a safe diet, especially at a time when the Covid-19 crisis has created a feeling of discomfort with food. But also, decent work and economic growth if we create the opportunity for beneficiaries to supplement their income and ensure its growth in a sustainable way.

In this regard, we launched our marketing but mainly for the powder which constitutes our basic element to study our market properly. And we hit the city of El Jadida as our first marketing area and targeted almost 2,201 people among 220,181 inhabitants of the population, and we have already been able to reach 3 direct beneficiaries and 13 indirect beneficiaries, 25 orders and 15 clients.

In this regard, we therefore intended to convey the interest to consumers who are the reason of our project and therefore we have programmed stands and tasting events within our school and which have experienced excellent interaction.

Thanks to its fame and the willingness of its team members, Chocaroube will not limit itself to the level of pastry making, we are planning to expand our activities towards gluten-free salty foods and agri-food products.

“Through Chocaroube we discovered the flavors of our nature”

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