What We Can Learn From the George Floyd Protests – And How to Keep Going After

This article is a culmination of several online resources found that can better educate, support and understand the current peaceful protests that are happening all over the world in response to police brutality to people of color after a graphic video of George Floyd dying under police custody was shared.

Educate Yourself

What is happening right now? George Floyd’s killing has brought to light (once again) the intense police brutality that exists today. Moreover, focused on black lives and minorities. This has ignited protests all over the world from Minneapolis where the incident happened to Toronto, London and Canada. Racism at its core has sadly been around for ages, and seems to be at a loss of change year after year where policemen murder without any seen real reason black men and women. The United States has had an ugly and long history of abuse of power with over 7,600 deaths in the hands of the police force since 2013, and its youngest victim a sweet 12 year-old girl. This is everyone’s fight.

“Racism Is Not Getting Worse, It’s Getting Filmed.”

Will Smith

The age in which we live in, cameras at the ready and recent generations growing in their activism and fight for equality has pushed barriers and made changes – but not enough. The anger is different this time. After years of Americans being killed by the police — more than 1,000 per year, for as long as statistics exist — something has changed over the past week. This time they are here to stay, to be heard and to make a change. What they want is for police, government, and the world to understand is that this time they will not go away and washed with the news as another month goes by and another person dies.

“The anger is different this time. After years of Americans being killed by the police — more than 1,000 per year, for as long as statistics exist — something has changed over the past week.”

It starts with, educating ourselves on the struggles, the history and accepting we are still learning. Learning about racism in your country towards minorities has never been more important, See below a list of resources to start understanding and educate yourself:

Plus some books, movies and documentaries:

Act and Show Your Support

If you have the chance to show up to a peaceful protest near you – do so. It is not enough to share in social media and ‘support’ the movement in spirit. In order to be the change we want to see, we all need to come together in numbers and be part of the conversation.

However, if you are planning to join a protest take extra precautions due to the ongoing pandemic as well has how violence has escalated in some of these demonstrations with the usage of tear gas and rubber bullets by the police. Assess your risk and the risk of the people you live with before deciding whether to join in-person action. Protesting gear list should include: face mask, gloves, googles and appropriate clothes. Others might include duck tape, laser pointer (this confuses the police and makes it harder for them to aim tear gas), and some bandages.

You can also donate and support on-going organizations that are funding and helping the movement as well as call your legislators and demand police accountability. Some quick links for more can be found below:

Moving Forward

Racial injustice doesn’t disappear when the topic isn’t ‘trending’. Keep learning about what impact that has and how you can be better every day. It starts with you, today, tomorrow, forever. The conversation has expanded to the abuse of power, police brutality, and the dismantlement of power structures of oppression.

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist.”

Angela Davis

Unikorn.org stands in solidarity with protestors and understands that it is not enough to not be racist as we have to actively be antiracist – it is our responsibility to listen, learn, take action, fail, repeat till needed.

There are always more, this list is non-exhaustive. Research in your local community how to help and comment more resources you find along.

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