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We Are Solana

At Solana, they believe in the magic of authentic travel and the wonders it can do to the human soul. We believe that travel should be an organic experience because the nectar seeps only when you step out of your comfort zone to meet locals, taste new food, and get lost in a new place. Solana exists to preserve this cultural authenticity. And Solana shoes exist to invite people into that experience.

From the first step, Solana was intended to be an ethical company that upheld good working conditions. So when we embarked on this journey, we went in search of a place that could both ethically produce our shoes and produce them at our standards of quality. This search took us from Beirut to Las Vegas to Portugal to Spain and back to Beirut. Today, our shoes are ethically handmade by a family run factory in the Armenian quarter of Beirut, Lebanon.

About the Founder:

Solana Founder, Yasmine Idriss, has spent most of her life moving around the world. She was raised in the Middle East, educated in Switzerland, and attended university in the United States, where she earned a BS in Entrepreneurship. While relocating time and again for school, she also traveled extensively with her family. By the time she was 20-years-old, she had visited nearly 40 countries.

These early travels (and one particular image of a backpacker wandering Greece), inspired a future full of adventure. When Yasmine was old enough to “go off on her own,” she began exploring more rugged regions around the globe. Interacting with people from different places revealed obvious cultural differences, such as language, cuisine, art, physical appearance, and spirituality. And, yet, at the same time, Yasmine began to see that people are fundamentally similar. This realization led to a fuller sense of diversity, which ultimately led to the creation of Solana.

In a nutshell, Solana is the result of Yasmine’s many adventures, and her desire to encourage authentic travel, the kind that widens one’s perspective, feeds the soul, and makes us better people.

Nabilah Tarinhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nabilahtarin/
Nabilah Tarin is currently Head of Public Relations for a non-profit organization. She writes about topics around sustainable development and the environment. Open for pitches.

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