Virtual Reality: A New Way to Reimagine Our World

The concept of virtual reality may seem somewhat new, but the fact is that this technology has been developing since the ’60s’. Those previous versions allowed to draw the path for a new technology that can make a revolution in our world.

Until now, virtual reality has been used in the entertainment industry, but its hidden potential can change the way we experience the world. VR can set up new limits in how we learn, play, work, communicate, and experience our world.

The challenge is to reimagine a post-pandemic life, and VR is the tool for that. This technology can be used in the healthcare sector to create new relationships between physicians and patients; medical students can be trained in complex surgeries before real interventions.

The tourism sector can be impacted in a positive way with accessible VR museums and historical sites. Can you imagine visiting the peak of Everest from your home?

With this technology, traditional business can go digital and can create a new user-experience. Until now, we’ve only seen this in the entertainment sector, but can you imagine going to a VR concert?

The most positive application of VR is the way that the education sector could be changed, giving access to the knowledge accumulated throughout human history to millions of people. Research shows that most people learn by doing; this is an opportunity to eliminate walls and create new experiences, especially for countries with low access to formal education.

In the long term, VR can change everything and establish a way to reduce inequality, giving people access to education, healthcare, entertainment, and new business opportunities. To achieve equality, we must continue searching for new ways to innovate and open our minds to the future.

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