The Wave of Campus Director Leadership through the Hult Prize

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Arianna Desiree León Macías is the 2017/18 Campus Director of Hult Prize at Universidad Ecotec in Samborondon, Ecuador. She studies International Business and is starting her 5th college semester. As a language lover she is studying French and loves photography which she expresses through her project “Arianna León Fotografía”.

October 4th, 2017- Campus director’s Training Program- Quito, Ecuador

The Hult Prize At Universidad Ecotec experience was challenging, but enriching.

Have you ever thought that your ideas could be very astonishing if they become true? Well… Hult Prize gives this opportunity around the world and by being a part of it you become a change-making leader!

For the first time, the worldwide platform of social entrepreneurship, Hult Prize knocked the doors of Universidad Ecotec in Samborondon, Ecuador. The winning team being Electric Blast provided a creative and scalable project consisting of a video game that could be played in any device under the entertainment category. People from different parts of the world can enjoy and interact through this application whose sole purpose is to exchange multiple benefits that pass from the virtual world to the real world- while the users play, have fun, learn and help. They motivate the user of the application through monetary stimuli to perform actions or as we call “missions” all while learning and protecting the environment. It will work with different organisms of environmental protection, cultural, electrical companies, potable water companies and of course banking companies.

Fernanda Burgos, Karina Guerrero, Norka Moreno, and Maria Jose Vera – Winning Team of Hult Prize At Universidad Ecotec in the Regionals in Quito,  Ecuador in March 17th, 2018.

Through Electric Blast, I discovered that helping others can also be fun too. I had the opportunity to create teams, discover talents and develop projects with the Hult Prize student’s enthusiasm. For me, it was also fun to be involved in something new and very important in the development of my future career. The hard work of every day allowed me to build a new social entrepreneurship spirit I had yet to discover.

Ecoleader in Regionals Quito, March 17th. 2018. John Naranjo, Gareth Avecilla, Megan Moncayo, and Ariana Torres. Idea: A t-shirt that would create energy.

Nowadays, social entrepreneurship is increasing within universities. For example, in most of the universities, the students should accomplish the “communitary internships”, also called “relationship with society”. Starting from this, they can help develop skills, ideas, prototypes, and business models of people that live in small towns with low resources and a low level of education. Moreover, there are Centers who offer this help such as the “Entrepreneurship Center” that belongs to the Municipality of Guayaquil.

Following the Hult Prize at my university, students from different faculties formed interdisciplinary teams as they faced the challenge – Harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people – through ideas and entrepreneurial projects that could be sustainable and scalable. Each project unique in its focus, including connectivity, health, transportation, education, agriculture and water. At the same time, students had a better vision of social entrepreneurship and developed the value of their proposals.

In my personal experience, my biggest challenge was team creation. With a minimum of ten teams I achieved 15 in total, of which only 12 presented in the OnCampus Finals. It was hard because some teams were not sure enough of themselves, they were undecided. I realized how interested and invested the students were in their ideas, how they spoke to each other about the ideas they had; they were motivated about being part of something bigger and of course in competing in something new and exciting like Hult Prize. This motivated myself to keep pushing and not giving up. Another challenge I faced was time handling, pressure and decision of authorities. As Hult Prize arrived for the first time to my university, some activities were hard to convince and comply to.

As a Campus Director, I learned how to solve problems, be more organized, be prepared for incidentals and how to manage and work with a team. In this case, my organizing committee that was very helpful and a stronger friendship was developed! I am so thankful to all of them as well as the Hult Prize teams. I can say those were my biggest challenges. Although I struggled to juggle through the Hult Prize experience and my university work at the same time, I can say all of that gave me a lot of strength and experience. 

Furthermore, I also had the opportunity of meeting important people and entrepreneurs of Guayaquil, who identified me as a leader in my generation.I am very grateful for this experience and it is a pleasure to be part of Hult Prize because I learned incredible life lessons for my future. I thank all those that helped me in this journey – teams, mentors, judges and the organizing committee – for thanks to it I am a better and more prepared person ready to face the challenges of the world.

Judges in the Final On Campus-Entrepreneurs and Presidents of Commercial Cameras.

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