The Top 7 Impact Events Around the World Making a Difference

Impact is that moment in your life when you can feel the changing trajectory – whether it be by a person changing it, an event, an idea or an action. That is impact. More and more, with the waking access to knowledge that millennials hold at their fingertips and the visible trend in action-conscience among the new generations, the conversation around impact has sparked an enormous movement around the globe. Regaining the spotlight among world leaders, celebrities and the general public – more than ever before being aware of the opportunities of impact creation is essential for any global citizen. Call it a trend, a reawakening, or an evolutionary development – we are happy to see The Rise of Impact. Here are the top 7 impact events around the world that will inspire you to leave a positive mark in the world and step up!

  1. The Global People’s Summit

This summit is all about open conversation – of course with some pretty amazing characters around the table. The Global People’s Summit is an open-table conversation that sparks innovation through the inclusion of all people under the collaboration with the United Nations Office of Partnerships and their online platform. Giving people access to information with a global influence agenda that breaks down multiple sectors and turns ‘vision into action’. The beauty behind this summit is the usage of technology to reshape the old vision of changemaking decision from the picturesque and rigidness that can be found in large conference rooms into an online public forum that conveys inclusion, globalization and representation. Organized by The Humanity Lab Foundation, it has been running for barely two years but with great signs of growth – having a reach of 84 million people in their inaugural coverage.

When? TBA

Where? New York City, New York

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  1. The Hult Prize Finals at the UN

Ringing in their 10th year anniversary, the Hult Prize Foundation has excelled in opening borders and resources for the global youth to make a difference in the world. With a community force of over 1 million people around the world, joining this movement, it truly is a spectacular platform for young university students and anyone that has that entrepreneurial mindset ready to make a difference. The Hult Prize today, is by far the largest platform for the creation and launch of sustainable and impact centered startups. The idea behind it? The Hult Prize will grant 1M USD to the group of students that have developed the most impactful and innovative startup around solving the world’s most pressing issues – each year aligning with the SDG’s in deriving a concrete challenge.

Once again, we see the United Nations’ constant push of programs that are truly making a mark in the world as Hult Prize works in partnership with the UN’s Office of Partnerships. The Hult Prize has been named one of the top five ideas changing the world by TIME magazine and recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies in 2017 by Fast Company. As well as being called “the Nobel Prize for Students” by former US President Bill Clinton.

When? September 2019

Where? UNHQ at New York, New York

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  1. Social Capital MarketsImage result for social capital market event

‘Money + Meaning”. What is SOCAP trying to teach here? The Social Capital Markets summit conjures ‘over 3,000 impact investors, world-class entrepreneurs, and innovative cross-sector practitioners dedicated to increasing the flow of capital toward social good’. Until other events in this list – SOCAP isn’t afraid to be fully finance oriented and economically structured, yet all with the focus of putting that money to work in something worthy of it. When you read in between the lines you see how the people that attend this event move past the numbers and into the impact behind them. Admittingly, having the right power and leveraging it towards action is what the business world today looks like; the question for investors here is – what will you do with the power in your hands? These investors and practitioners are bound together by their drive to make a real difference in world changing actions.

Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” – James W. Frick.

When? October 22nd-25th 2019

Where? San Francisco

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  1. Nexus Global Youth SummitImage result for nexus global youth summit

Building the bridge and connections between the leaders of tomorrow – all together to discuss and bring real action and solutions to global issues. The Nexus Global Youth Summit aims to connect philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs around the world with their summits happening all over, from Cairo, Egypt to Washington, D.C. A fun initiative about NEXUS is their ‘Labs’ development that allows members to freely explore, discuss and develop their initiatives; these range from the Ethical Fashion to Refugees Forced Migration to Regenerative Culture. For example, REGEN is a very forward-thinking perspective into a planetary regeneration through the “balancing ecosystems of knowledge, people, planet and place to ensure a more sustainable future”.

A place of inspiration, innovation and collaborative creative-thinking that holds a huge potential to deploy exactly the futuristic measures current society needs to act fast and drastically in urgent global issues at hand.

When? March 6th-8 2019.

Where? Washington, D.C.

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  1. Global Social Business SummitImage result for global social business summit

Fostered by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the Global Social Business Summit brings together all sorts of experts ranging in age, sex, nationality and industry – from the private sectors to governmental agencies and academia – all aiming to move forward and decrypt the idea of Social Business. With a 3-day event divided into workshops, speakers, and exhibition space – under the intention of raising awareness of Social Business by portraying the impact that moving towards this new way of business has both on the corporations as well as on society. Actively working with the SDG’s it not only emphasizes finding real solutions to eradicate poverty – it brings both people and the environment at its thinking-hub foundation.

When? TBA

Where? TBA

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  1. Skoll World Forum

Skoll’s vision is ‘to live in a sustainable world of peace and prosperity’, but how are they achieving this? The Skoll World Forum by The Skoll Foundation follows three basic steps into making this a reality: investing, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs and innovators. Through their core values of leverage, respect, responsibility, tough-minded optimism and innovation they connect personalities in the likes of Malala to Richard Branson with young to address what social entrepreneurship truly means.

Every year, this event takes place the Said Business School – a university recognized as one of the most entrepreneurial business schools as part of the Oxford University community.

When? April  9th-12 2019

Where? TBA

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  1. Changemaker FestivalImage result for changemaker festival

The Changemaker Festival is a global event that tours the world to bring a 2-days experience that brings together all, aimed towards the youth as well as big corporations and social influencers in all industries. With the aim to bridge the gap between age difference in business it shows casts the powerful ideas of the youth to the industry leaders that are looking to innovate and act on sustainable social change. Operating at the intersection of education, youth, entrepreneurship and impact. Within the event itself, multiple ‘contests’ occur where monetary prizes are awarded as an incentive for young leaders in both artistic and business areas to keep pushing barriers, continue their dreams and make an impact

Actually, Changemaker Festival is powered through the Hult Prize. Foundation as a community partner – highlighting the importance of addressing and empowering the youth, the leaders of tomorrow. The Changemaker Festival serves as that wakeup call to society of how meaningful today’s actions can be if you put your mind to it and focus on creating an impact, catalyzing action.

When? February 27th-March 2nd 2019

Where? Mexico City, Mexico

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Nabilah Tarin
Nabilah Tarin is currently Head of Public Relations for a non-profit organization. She writes about topics around sustainable development and the environment. Open for pitches.

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