The Story Behind Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood in Jerusalem

This scene appeared in 1956, the people of Sheikh Jarrah had hoped that this would be their last resort in Jerusalem after they were displaced from their homes after in 1948.

“In 1956, the 28 families, all of whom were refugees who lost their homes during the Palestinian Nakba in 1948, reached an agreement with the Jordanian Ministry of Construction and the Palestinian Refugee Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to provide them with housing in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.”

At that time, the West Bank was under Jordanian rule (1951-1967). “The Jordanian government provided the land, and UNRWA donated construction costs for 28 homes”.

For years, Israeli courts have tried cases that settlement associations have brought against Palestinian residents, and have appealed against decisions issued in favor of settlers. However, in November 2008, the al-Kurd family was evicted from their home, and the scene was repeated in August 2009 when the Hanoun and al-Ghawi families were evicted from their homes.

“The settlers moved to live in these homes after their owners vacated them, and Israeli flags were raised on them, marking the beginning of a new phase of the neighborhood’s suffering”.

In those days, about 12 families (more than 500 people) were at risk of displacement due to legal cases pending in Israeli courts.

By Unikorn Staff: Tima Odeh

Unikorn Staff
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