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If traveling the world is your thing then you are better off trying to find answers to questions like “Who are you?” “What do you want to do?” “What is your passion?” “What is your purpose in life?” And if you dream that traveling will bring you the answer to all these questions and to define yourself and your goals but think that it’s too cliché, then the experience I am about to share is made for your eyes to read.

For two years now I’ve been living with the same exact thoughts and questions. And it was exactly that, finding my passion, identifying my goals, discovering my purpose and trying to answer all these questions, that led me on a road through 25 countries on 5 different continents.

What I discovered is that there is a real worth in traveling and that the purpose of life might be literally out there waiting for you on one of your trips Most people might be a lot more consumed with the actual trip, trying to embark on as many adventures as they could while they are abroad that they actually miss the crown jewel of the trip, the true essence of traveling that can truly and magically alter your life

Throughout this article, I will share with you how traveling with an entrepreneurial mindset made my journey a lot more meaningful & how satisfying it feels traveling to new countries, now that I get to experience them on a whole new level. I will also share what is an entrepreneurial mindset, why is it so important and how I see that an entrepreneurial mindset goes beyond just being an entrepreneur.

Looking for the purpose of your life? Travel!

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I am sure you have seen and read this question and that exact same answer an excessive amount of times before. We can definitely agree that traveling is one of the best, if not the best, experiences you can encounter in your life. Disconnecting from the world you know, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, trying new things and having memories that will last you a lifetime.

But does this mean traveling is going to help you find the purpose of your life or answer the countless existential questions mentioned before? This is a question that is arguable as everyone has their own story. Some believe that traveling is the sole key to answering all these questions and others remain doubtful.

Luckily, I am a believer in the magic of travel and consequently, I started my journey 2 years ago. When people asked me, why are you traveling? My answer would be exploring the world and exploring cultures. This was true, but it was not really the main reason. I wanted to have a better understanding of myself, and of my purpose here. I wanted to take a break from the routine of being a student or an employee, that has to clock in certain hours and fall into the same daily practices whether these practices are the job itself, hitting up the gym or spending countless hours sitting in the same café over and over again. I’ve been at it since I was a kid in kindergarten until I was 24 years old and have finally decided that there is more to life than just that. 

Traveling is not just about the differences!

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In the beginning, I was very excited, full of energy, saving no energy to find my passion, my purpose of life. The more countries I visited and the more cultures I encountered, the more I thought I was getting closer to my goal. But I was quite surprised to find that on the contrary, instead of getting closer to an answer after encountering such experiences, I was actually left with more questions. And bit by bit, I started to realize that the world is too big, I was overwhelmed by the cultures and the diversity that seemed almost impossible to embrace. I started having these inner voices telling me that I just can’t have an impact on such a big complicated world. I started believing that I was just wasting my time and I was on the verge of getting fed up with this whole thing.

A tempest was blowing up within me, I was torn between my determination of finding answers to all the questions I had and the immense feeling of helplessness that was swallowing me whole. However, I did not stop and I chose to follow my guts. I had my down times, where I just felt that I am not getting anywhere. But time has proven me wrong. I found out that I was distracted by the fast-paced life that I have been living. I travel to a new country every couple of weeks. I see new cultures, I meet new people, I hear different stories from amazing people and then I repeat.

The problem was that I paid too much attention to the differences that I didn’t see there are so many similarities. There are so many challenges and opportunities that are common everywhere in the world. The 7:00 AM traffic in Mexico City is similar to the one in Colombia, similar to the one in Cairo. You can apply the same line of thought to many challenges as unemployment rates, pollution, corruption, lack of facilities, etc.

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Travel with an entrepreneurial mindset

 Now we’ve hit the jackpot of this article! And that is not even the most interesting part. The interesting part is that every nation is developing its own solutions. It might not always be as effective as one would wish but in certain cases, it has proved effective and efficient. This is when I started thinking, what if travelers can spread solutions for these challenges and customize them to fit differences and gaps between different markets. What if we try to apply the ways Mexican entrepreneurs are trying to solve traffic problems in Cairo but at the same time take into consideration the differences between Cairo and Mexico. This could be a game changer

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Think about it, how many people do you meet when you are traveling? How diversified are they? How can they help you with different things you already have passion for? Whether you are an artist, a biologist, a painter, or a computer engineer, there might always be a chance that the next person you meet can change your life, that the next idea you see somewhere, can turn into a game-changing idea in any other part of the world and you were lucky enough that you saw it. While traveling you see what people really need, how they think, how they live. On the other hand, you see how others have met such demand. Imagine combining both. Thinking in this manner is what I call having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset does not mean you have to be an entrepreneur and start your own business or company. You can adopt this mindset in your corporate job, in your family business, in the small startup you are working for. From the experiences I lived and the people I met, in our fast-paced and challenging world, I can tell you that if you want to excel, an entrepreneurial mindset is indispensable.

If you are planning to travel to answer the many questions that you have on your mind if you want to go on a meaningful trip exploring the world and seeing beyond your knowledge. I would recommend you to be patient, to focus on the details, to understand more about how locals really live, to connect with people from countries you go to, to expand your global network and finally to equip yourself with an entrepreneurial mindset. From my experience, all of these tools are going to make your experience more meaningful and fruitful. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy your time!

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