The CEO that Uses her Power to Empower

How does a girl from a small town in Mexico become the CEO of a global software company? By empowering people. The answer sounds simple, but the journey that led her there was not.

Rosalba Reynoso is a Mexican entrepreneur who did not have a lot of opportunities while growing up. She had to start working before even finishing high school. Her hometown did not have any higher-ed schools, so most girls her age could only aspire to get married. Rosalba was different, she wanted something else, something bigger.

She moved to the United States in search of better opportunities to live, and decided to work as a housekeeper. As she did not speak English, nor have references to recommend her work in California, Rosalba had a difficult time getting her first client. But as an entrepreneurial soul in the making, she had the “go for it” mindset that eventually led her to her first customer.

One day, after hundreds of phone calls, knocking doors, and walking long distances, she saw a woman in a Jeep SUV with license plates from the state of Virginia. Rosalba immediately thought that if she was from Virginia, she probably would not know many people in the area, so she approached the lady and did what most entrepreneurs do when faced with a business opportunity: an elevator pitch. Although Rosalba knew only a few words in English, her unfaltering determination was enough to convince the lady
to give her her very first job as a housekeeper!

Despite the negative comments she had heard about how Latina women were perceived in the United States, she felt comfortable and respected
while working for the woman that welcomed her to her house, so she immediately thought of it as a great opportunity to empower other Latina women who were struggling, just as her, to get their first job opportunity.

After a while, Rosalba started having more and more clients, so she created Spotless Housekeeping, a company born from her desire to empower Latina women in the United States. She wanted her company to make an impact. By providing well-paid and secure jobs to women experiencing the same difficulties she once overcame, Rosalba was offering them a unique opportunity to become independent in a foreign country.

As her business kept growing, Rosalba met Remi Vespa, a French software business entrepreneur who was struggling on how to get better project outcomes for his clients while hiring outsourced staff. They started talking about this challenge and Rosalba encouraged him to hire software developers as employees, instead of contracting them. Her own successful experience taught Rosalba that the best performing employees are
the ones who felt safe and respected by their employers rather than exploited by them, often with low salaries and poor work environment.

Remi and Rosalba launched Blue Trail Software, a software development
company with strong human values and predicated on the empowerment of its employees. Rosalba’s goal is to provide true career opportunities through autonomy and responsibility. She believes that employees who fully engage are agents of change both in the company and in their personal lives. Dedicated employees help create a sustainable company that cares about all its stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers, etc.).

Under Rosalba’s guidance, Blue Trail Software has expanded into Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and recently Europe. Although the company is now sizable, it has remained true to its original dual commitment to deliver high quality software services and to be a workspace where employees can find a place to grow and flourish.

Rosalba Reynoso

Rosalba might now be the CEO of a company that serves industry leaders like Samsung and Hewlett Packard, but she still finds the time to join her former employees and clean homes with them. It is her way to celebrate her past experience and to show appreciation to the job that saw her born as a successful entrepreneur and changemaker.

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