By Swasti Salecha

“Innovations that are guided by smallholder farmers adapted to local circumstances, and sustainable for the economy and environment will be necessary to ensure food security in the future.” – Bill Gates

With everyone becoming aware and more conscious of pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, the first question people tend to resolve is, “WHAT IS ON OUR PLATE!” While pondering upon this question the first set of boons that would come to mind is: achieving better food quality, better health, championing local food producers, and at last and most importantly doing good to our Mother Earth’s deteriorating health.

Everything said, let us unveil the most important challenge that we face while shifting towards sustainable food practice, i.e. where to start with sustainable eating habits… To our rescue, there come our heroes(STARTUPS). It is the reality that the food industry warmly welcomes new innovators and to support the above statement, there are 35 FOOD-TECH Unicorns!

Hence, I take immense pleasure to introduce some Sustainable Food Startups that have taken that extra pain of being UNIQUE taking into consideration “Sustainability” and “Ecological Impact”. The following list contains food startups that are striving towards sustainable service/ product which thrives to benefit the health of the twins: the humans and the planet.

  1. KITCHE: Featured by the BBC, ITV, Metro, The Guardian, & Daily Mail, Kitche believes in Kitche it, don’t ditch it”. Kitche is a home-food waste App that is working towards the rising concerns in the area of food waste and the impact that it leaves on the planet. Started in 2018, this London-based Startup aims at saving its consumers money by way of reducing food wastes like leftovers in the refrigerator! Qventures has recently invested in Kitche in March 2020.

How does this application work?

The APP scans the receipts and then designs recipes based on the food leftovers that you might have stocked up in your refrigerators! This helps one in saving his/her money and also reduces the impact on the environment. Apart from that, Kitche helps in setting up reminders for the categories entered by the user so that the user’s items are not wasted or forgotten. One of the striking features is that users can select the  “TOSS” button to know that if the item is not used then how will it affect the costs too on a weekly basis.

2. ODDBOX: Started in 2016 in Portugal by the husband-wife duo: Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran, ODDBOX today delivers around 30,000 boxes across London and Brighton. But what is so great about it??? Well, the answer is interesting… 

The founder duo realized that around 20-40% of the UK’s produce is wasted even before it leaves the farm leading to the production of unnecessary food waste! Basically, ODDBOX is a sustainable fruit and vegetable box delivery service. With a growth of around 400% in a year, it has received funding from Northern VCT in the first half of 2020. It aims to turn its technology to track the “personal impact” that would enable the consumers to track the amount of food wasted by them, CO2 emissions, and water saved by them.

How does it work?

ODDBOX works along with the farmers and provides a seasonal supply of the farm produce that might pose the risk of being a waste. To date, it has helped in reducing 2,000 tons of produce that was on the verge of being tagged as a waste.

3. EVO Foods: Started in 2019 by Shraddha Bhansali and Kartik Dixit, EVO Foods has been built using advanced level plant biochemistry and deep food science which enables the venture to create a brand that produces plant-based alternatives to the animal products, the recent one being the “Liquid egg Replacer” which is Asia’s first plant-based liquid egg product. EVO’s liquid egg replacer has vitamin D, proteins, low fats and calories, zero cholesterol, and no antibiotics that are a common feature in poultry farms, also highlighting the fact that they are produced without practicing any animal cruelty! It aims at creating India a sustainable market for its product and then moving towards the US’s Market.

These are just a few among many disruptive Sustainable Food Startups that are present across the globe. So, sustainable food startups are going to be there in the market for the long run due to the present woes of Earth’s deteriorating health and people’s increasing health-consciousness!

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