Styling a Change with Sustainability

By Kajol Lall

Fashion. The word always gets us thinking about the glitz, the glamour, the silk and the faux fur, the trends and the drama. Fashion, for most of us, is a form of storytelling. A form of communication of ideas and stories. But what if Fashion, itself, becomes a tool to promote sustainable innovations and ethical fashion? While many have found ways to incorporate art into fashion, here’s a list of few who have managed to bring together their passion and concern for environment with their love for fashion.

  • Agraloop –

Agricultural waste as fiber?! Now, this would have had come across as a joke but not anymore. Agraloop has found a way to make the optimal use of agricultural waste, turning them into high value NEW natural fiber called Agraloop BioFiber. It processes through different agricultural inputs – ranging from rice, corn pineapple leaves, to name a few – to create natural yarn and textiles for the fashion industry.

  • Nature Coatings Inc

Have you ever spared a minute and thought about the black pigments used in the fashion industry? This company right here, not just observed but found a whole new way of producing it. Nature Coatings transforms wood waste (yes, you read it right) to produce high performing black pigments that are fit for Fashion industry. Not just that, their pigments won’t fade under the sun, nor will it turn bronze or brown!

  • Joob Activewear

Nature enthusiast? Love going on those long hikes and treks? Are you one of those souls who find their peace when surrounded by nature? Then here’s a label that’s just right for you. Joob Activewear not just focuses on catering to needs of nature lovers, but also focuses on the need to give back to nature. This stylish yet functional clothing line aims at contributing 1% of their revenue towards local environmental services and 2% of the revenue towards quantifiable carbon reducing projects managed by their partner – South Pole.

  • MycoTex

What do you do after you have outgrown and outworn your favorite dress or shirt? Do you throw it way? Is your answer yes? Well, that’s about to change. MycoTex has come up with a better alternative for when you wish to get rid of your old clothes. Just bury them! Yes, bury. The company uses mushroom roots to create customized clothes and focuses on just creating as much is required, to avoid fabric waste. And once you are done over with them – dig up a whole, bury the cloth and watch it decompose – naturally!

  • Tersus
Tersus Website

Laundry. Ugh, the word itself is such a mood killer. But Tersus has found not just a way to get your clothes look the best but has also managed to find a way out to reduce the amount of carbon footprint. And what’s their secret? Well, their secret ingredient is Liquid Carbon dioxide. With their patent and new cut technology, the company has come up with a solution that promises you best of both worlds.

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