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 I’m the first grandchild do you have any idea what this means? This means there was no reference, no lines, and no benchmark. It was me against myself. And trust me when you have no one you’re the age you will race your shadow until your head is up to see the sun so you race that too but it never works and you try again and again so you ask your mom why the sun is always ahead of me and she gives you an answer and a book. That is how I got to meet the world, by challenging it. 

The A student? The artist? The athlete? The car enthusiast? These challenges kept going on and on yet somehow in the way through having no reference (the point which allowed me to be free in the first place) was the point where I was trapped. because to solve a challenge you dive deep in yourself for the key to solve it. This process of exploring yourself and the keys within started to take more time as the challenges got more hard. From a day to a week to now months, these longer periods will push you to doubt yourself for taking this much time solving a challenge that seemed easy to everyone on the internet. Unless you remember what my mom told us about the sun? See that applies to the internet too !! Therefore don’t fucking race it and focus on yourself till you find the key to the new challenge you have. 

The last year 2020, probably was the hardest challenge for all of us. As for me, it’s been 9 months since I left my job! the longest period of self-exploration I ever had. The sun is bright and the internet is free yet I’m still not chasing any because mom said no! remember? and life taught me, the longer the time taken to solve a challenge the bigger prize.

This “article” has no personal information, as the achievements I made are my own to celebrate. Otherwise ill be part of the internet you should not race to focus on your keys. 

Till then, stay strong and have a great challenge.

A story from Mohannad Jihad

By Unikorn staff Tima Odeh

Unikorn Staff
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