Story of the week – Muhammad Ajarma

About 5 years ago, after the most failures in my life, most notably the Tawjihi experience, I got a job opportunity at the Agricultural Research Center in Al-Masqar with a huge salary of 220 Jordanian dinars.

I was working as a farmer in a plastic house, and this house is opposite the German university students’ favorite place to sit there between lectures, a few meters away, and most likely it’s time to take a break and sit outside.

I was thinking about them and watching them leave the university with their books. I looked at them with heartbreak and regret that I am not a student to study with them. Honestly, it was a strange and shameful feeling. I was really mad at myself “at the time”. Imagine if they noticed my looks towards them?

Every day I would take a walk away from this view of me that it reminded me every day of my failure, and yet I knew I deserved a better place and I insisted I make it with my own hands and labors.

Four months later I finished working on that plastic house, but this scene stuck in my mind and I never missed it, but I’m on my way to do something bigger than where I am in my life.

By Unikorn staff

Unikorn Staff
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