Solidarity – Volunteering: Acts speak louder than words

Great inventions have been inserted during history witnessed the development of humanity, both scientific and technological, as well as human actions, above all volunteering , mentioned with little interest along history.

 These facts have from a year to another given birth to foundations and institutions devoted to such voluntary actions and of solidarity by and toward humanity namely ‘’red cross’’ and the ‘’red crescent’’, so as to cover all areas and sectors, in addition to flora and fauna.

These institutions, which by force of circumstances have become UNO institutions have since then deployed all efforts to be by side of poor peoples all over the world, especially those struck by calamities across the globe.

 They are often involved in various volunteer actions to rescue cities and peoples in wake of earthquakes, or to reach mountains to rescue victims of volcanic eruptions in various boiling points.

 They have known a great adhesion of more and more people, volunteers armed with philanthropy; and  ready to provide all the necessary help to those in need to move on to fulfill various works and acts in favor of human values, such as telethons and financial aid to support countries struck with starvation.

 This circle strengthened from one year to another with new enrolments on a voluntary basis, with charitable actions both for Muslims and for other faiths, making them come true by helping homeless in rude climatic conditions, orphans, elder people, and bad-treated women and those from rural areas.

Such actions have known more and more images of solidarity and support in all over the world namely with the spread of pandemic Covid-19 when different countries and races tended hands and arms each other to defeat this creeping through utmost tough and controlled barriers without any distinction.

 Rushes consist of donations of solidarity through skies and oceans to reach ailing people all over the world that only those responsible for statistics can assess the scale and impact of these charitable and voluntary actions.

Even the populations have shown solidarity initiatives during this conjunction with the medical staff by providing various products necessary to protect against the virus.

 Although certain sporadic acts of reservations and reluctance have been noted, however, they cannot hide multiple and support efforts that have overwhelmed between different countries in this exceptional situation, as instances contribution of great world powers, USA , China, Russia and Germany, who have opted, modestly and thoughtfully, to share both materials and scientific wealth with poor countries and rescue their populations from the dangers of such devastating pandemic.

Written by: DERRICHE Amina

Unikorn Staff
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