Robert Downey Jr. Tries To Outdo Chris Evans’ Gift To 6-Year-Old Hero

The Avengers have assembled for Bridger Walker, who saved his little sister from a dog attack.

We love this 3,000.

Add Robert Downey Jr. to the list of Avengers assembling in honor of real-life hero, 6-year-old Bridger Walker, who saved his sister from an attacking dog earlier this month.

Chris Evans sent Bridger a message on Wednesday, promising to send an authentic Captain America shield. And now, in true Iron Man fashion, Downey Jr. is trying to outdo Cap.

“Bridger, you’re a rock star,” Downey Jr. says in a video posted on Friday by Bridger’s aunt Nicole Walker. “My name’s Robert Downey Jr. I played Tony, which makes me an old friend of Cap’s. I hear he sent a shield your way. I’m gonna do one better, you call me on your next birthday. I got something special for you.”

He added: “By the way, that’s a promise. A promise beats a shield.”

Bridger also recently had a call from Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, who invited the young hero to the set of the next “Spider-Man” movie.

On July 9, Bridger put himself in harm’s way to save his 4-year-old sister from a charging dog. He suffered injuries to his head and face and had to go through a two-hour surgery, according to his family

His aunt put his story on Instagram, hoping to get some encouragement from his favorite big-screen superheroes.’s Brandon Davis helped make the “Avengers” actors aware of Bridger’s story.

Family members say they’ve also heard from Hugh Jackman, Zachary Levi, Mark Ruffalo and the Russo brothers.

The Avengers know a real hero when they see one.

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