Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Fulfilled Raya’s Wish

By Jannat Islam Oishee

A picture of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Raya talking in a video call on Thursday night September 17 went viral on social media.

Mamija Rahman Raya a teenager special child expressed her love for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her interest to talk with her in a Facebook video posted to a group named ‘Autism Management Center (Care and Joy Global) by her teacher Hasina Hafiz on Wednesday.

In a video message, Raya expressed her desire that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina would make a video call to her, and for this she used to wait every day, said a source at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Within a day, Prime Minister spoke the girl through the WhatsApp. Barrister Biplob Barua, special assistant to the Prime Minister and office secretary of the Awami League, confirmed the matter.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a video call on Mamija Rahman Raya’s mother Nabiha Rahman Pinky’s mobile phone at 5p.m on Thursday. She herself made the video call to Raya and talked to her. She also listened to recitation of poems by Raya and sang the national anthem with her, according to the source.

Meanwhile, Professor Apu Ukil, general secretary of the Awami League’s affiliate Juba Mahila League, also posted on her Facebook ID that she was talking about the Prime Minister. In the post, Apu Ukil also published two still images of the Prime Minister’s video call with the girl.

Later, the girl’s teacher Hasina Hafiz expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister. She also said that, Prime Minister spoke to the girl on Thursday, September 17 at 8 pm, according to Bangla Tribune and in the another video, Raya also shared her joy after talking to the Prime Minister.

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