Pride: Don Maximino, 71, created solar stoves that do not pollute

Don Maximiliano Antonio Piedad , 71, went viral on social media for inventing a solar stove. Maximino lives near the Central de Abastos de Ecatepec, State of Mexico,where the clip was filmed in which he offers his stoves with which he seeks to help the environment.

His project was born when, during a demonstration, he observed a group of people build a stove with the help of a mirror and a wheel. Today, once the instrument has been perfected thanks to his ingenuity, thousands of people try to spread the ecological alternative of Don Maximino so that he can benefit from the sale of his products.

In the video, you can see Don Maximino assembling a solar stove. The device is formed by a polished metal antenna , on which the grill lies where the heat of the reflected sun will reach.

Faced with the innovation, a passerby asks Don Maximino about the nature of his stove. He responds that it is a solar stove that I create to prevent it from being contaminated. He also tells her that it is an idea to cook products such as eggs, vegetables and even a kilogram of meat.

According to the video, Don Maximino sells his stoves for only $ 1,000.00, an amount that is easily recoverable when compared to what a household can spend on gas tanks. However, Don Antonio mentions that he is not concerned with transmitting how to make a stove if someone requires it, “because one day it is there and the next it is not.” For him, the important thing is that it does not become contaminated, in addition to being an alternative for people with limited resources, who usually burn firewood or charcoal to cook.

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