Nairobi is Kenya’s capital, a cosmopolitan city and magical place, surrounded by nature and wildlife. There you can be enchanted by sprawling savannah and serene forest sloping southwards. With several rivers running through it, Nairobi is known as the green city in the sun.

But Nairobi is more than a touristic attraction; over the past few years, it has become a vibrant place, which welcomes new, entrepreneurial ideas. Between 1899 and 1907, the city evolved from a humble camp for railway workers to the capital of British East Africa. Today Nairobi has one of the most robust and solid startup ecosystems in the African continent thanks to multiple factors, such as significant consumer and business markets, a wealth of entrepreneurial talent and a strong corporate sector.

Kenya’s capital is now considered to be the heart of East Africa’s transformation and is an entry point to the East African region due to its central geographical location. Kenya’s vaunted Silicon Savannah is a billion-dollar tech hub, which hosts more than 200 startups as well as established firms like IBM, Intel, and Microsoft. They’re working to solve problems through tech.

This mature ecosystem has been influenced by factors, like a strong effort from the private sector to invest in programs that promote innovation and entrepreneurship; an emerging local and international venture capital that provides funding to the new. This dynamic system continues to attract innovative companies and ambitious entrepreneurs. The businesses emerging from the Silicon Savannah are changing everything from supply chains and distribution to the transparency of operations.

Besides the wilderness adventures and rich history of Nairobi, Kenya and the Silicon Savannah have proven to both the local and international investment communities that positive changes transcend borders and barriers. Kenya’s tech hubs are incubators for ideas and businesses that are redefining the concept of development not only for Africa but the world.

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