Mental Health during Corona times

Being into the COVID-19 pandemic for months, every individual on the planet affected by it has undergone uncertainty and ambiguity about the prevailing future. Besides the physical health being affected, there are numerous chains and factors in the human life cycle which have been disrupted due the strict lockdown posed in earlier phases of the virus. In countries where a major chunk of the population earns through daily wages, without any security of jobs and pension are bound to be affected the most. The most alarming state could be that people might start dying from hunger rather than the Coronavirus. It’s been a year since the inception of the virus, where most of its Modus Operandi has been exposed but the damage caused economically, might take years to recover.

The most important facet that has come up in such times, is the mental well-being of the entire society. As the virus entered its lethal form, people were forced into lockdown where everyone was just surrounded by 4 walls in their rooms. The gravity of the situation was recognized by the society, but the unending lockdown imposed a doom in the minds of people. Human beings are ‘Social’ beings who thrive and survive depending on others, but this basic fundamental became the biggest anti during the pandemic.

Individuals from all the age groups were mentally affected in some way or the other. Students enrolled in schools and colleges were forced to adopt the new normal of online teaching where 8-10 hours a day just went in starring a monitor, but those who could not afford such facilities saw themselves as liabilities to their elders who themselves weren’t able to meet ends. Data has revealed that there has been a surge in the number of suicides and suicidal tendencies especially in the youth. Those involved in the employment sector have had the worst hit due to job losses. Layoffs and work from home culture without much interaction has prevailed serious mental health problems, where many sadly succumbed.

The society realized through the pandemic that ‘luxury’ is not the dire need to live a substantial life. This reduced our expenditure which in result led to failure of businesses and startups. The decrease in demand of primary goods also hit the agriculture sector (India’ s one of the biggest sectors), where farmers couldn’t sell their produce and many perished. 

“The only thing to fear is fear and we must carry on”

A positive side that we could cherish is that many people have broken the stigma, realized their health problems and sought help. People have realized that it’s not the materialistic things that matter but it’s our people on whom we could rely in the toughest of times.

By Victor Banerjee

Unikorn Staff
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