Meet the billionaire Zhang Yiming, Founder of TikTok

By Aya Bashiti

What is tiktok

Tiktok is a smartphone app which allows its users to create short videos without any hassle and share it with their friends as well as the whole world.

Who is Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming, the 36-year-old was born in 1983 in China’s Fujian province, is a software engineer who established the app’s parent company, presently has a net worth of $16.2 billion, Forbes estimates. 

He graduated from Nankai University in 2005, where he began studying microelectronics some time recently exchanging his major to software engineering. Therefore, he married his college love.

One of Zhang’s dreams is to speak English fluently.

His humbly work life until he got successful

  1. In February 2006 he got his first work out of college was at an advanced travel booking startup called Kuxun and was promoted to technical director a year late

“Zhang credits that work for educating him with abilities that he afterward utilized to develop ByteDance.”

“This experience let me know what sales are good. When I established Toutiao and recruited staff, these examples helped me a lot.”

  1. In 2008, Zhang left Kuxun to work for Microsoft but felt smothered by the corporate rules of the company. 
  1. He before long cleared out Microsoft to join the startup Fanfou , which in the long run failed
  1. Zhang launched ByteDance’s most effective app — TikTok — beneath the name ‘Douyin’ in September 2016. 
  2. In 2009, when Kuxun was almost to be obtained by Expedia, Zhang took over Kuxun’s genuine estate search commerce and begun his first company
  1. In 2011 he contracted a proficient director to take over as CEO of 99fang, and quit the company to begin ByteDance in 2012.
  1. Zhang thought that Chinese smartphone users were battling to discover data in mobile apps accessible in 2012 and the look giant Baidu was mixing search results with undisclosed promoting. His vision was to thrust important Substance to users utilizing suggestions created by artificial intelligence.
  1. In August 2012, ByteDance launched the Toutiao news app and within two years pulled in more than 13 million every day users. Sequoia Capital, which rejected Zhang the primary time, came around and drove a US$100 million investment within the company in 2014.
  1. In September 2015, ByteDance launched its video sharing app TikTok with a small show. The item was an instant hit and became well known around the world. ByteDance bought a year afterward for US$800 million and coordinated it into TikTok.
  1. ByteDance’s first app was shut down in 2018 by the National Radio and Tv Organization.
  1. In September, 2017 tiktok became one of the most popular IOS applications in the U.S and has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. Additionally, it still goes by the name (Douyin) in China. Zhang wanted the app to proceed to develop saying that he hopes his ByteDance will be “as borderless as Google  
  1. As of late 2018, with more than 1 billion monthly users across its mobile app, ByteDance is esteemed at US$75 billion, outperforming Uber to end up the foremost important startup within the world. Zhang’s personal wealth is evaluated at $22.6 billion, making him the 9th wealthiest person in China.

How did he get to this place?

During an alumni speech at Nankai University, where he graduated in software engineering, Zhang explained how he chose the university by narrowing down his main options: far from home, where he would be independent; in the north, where it snows; near the sea, because he likes seafood; a good gender ratio, so it’s easier to meet girls.

He also listed three things he did in college which are: coding, reading and fixing computers, and summed up his picks from each: patience, knowledge and partnership.

Advices that should help you to achieve your goals 


This will assist you in a lot of ways. Firstly, it’ll help you choose the course of action for doing anything. Besides, it’ll moreover assist you to arrange the journey ahead.

Short term goals

This is important because rushing to your dream will not help you in any way. Besides, there are some dreams that require time and they follow a process without following it; you cannot achieve that dream.

Stay motivated

In case you can’t remain positive then you won’t be able to attain the dream. There are many people out there that stopped the journey of their dreams mid-way because they lack motivation.

Remember it’s okay to make mistakes

At whatever point you make a mistake you confront a tough time but these times helps you to clean yourself and be more determinant

In conclusion 

To sum it up, Zhang Yiming began his life in a very humble way; a computer engineer, but didn’t stop as that, he dreamt and sought after to achieve his dream to work in some huge companies, until he made it to his own company. We can say that dreaming of a goal is easier than accomplishing it. And for fulfilling your dream you wish a part of things additionally ought to sacrifice many things. Above all, for fulfilling your dream, arrange and work according to it since it’ll lead you to the proper way. And never forget to dream big because they offer assistance in overcoming each obstacle in life.

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