Loss is not the Reason for Failure, but the Opportunity to Win

This article is written by Amalia Volkova

Today, when millions of people all over the world are under quarantine, it is relevant to appeal to your willpower. Ask yourself what can you do to overcome it and how can you turn this difficulty into the opportunity?

Let me suppose that you have already read plenty of motivating quotes and slogans, but still do not know how to make the difference. The secret is very simple – now is the exact time to stop reflecting and start acting.

My name is Amalia, I am TOP-20 Campus Directors of Hult Prize this year. I started my way in Hult Prize as On-Campus participant at my university in Russia. My team did its best to “lead the generation and change the world”, but we did not become the winner at that time. It was the loss, but we did not give up and applied for Paris Semi-Final. I had never been abroad until eighteen and had never taken part in international case championships beforehand. Can you imagine my happiness and astonishment when we got our invitation to Paris and the date of that event coincided my 18th birthday? I got the opportunity to make an impact and finally, I did it! In Paris, I met hundreds of young entrepreneurs from every corner of the Earth. They inspired me, taught me how to see the world without borders and limits of one’s potential. When I came back to Russia, I started to promote a new way of thinking among students, broaden their horizons and create a proactive community in Saint-Petersburg.

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Paris Regionals – Hult Prize

Sir Winston Churchill said, “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” So, what is the reason to be pessimistic? I have started to consider the most difficult tasks as the best chances for development. That attitude has become the first step of my way as Campus Director. Higher School of Economics had collaborated with the Hult Prize only once, so it was my duty to complete the program successfully. Undoubtedly, when people know nothing about innovation, they may feel rather sceptical. That is why the most challenging part was to create a positive spirit among professors and students. The secret of overcoming this problem is very simple again – if you do not know what to do, start and do the first step. So, I wrote to most academic staff with the proposal to join the Hult Prize movement, took part in all intercollegiate events and involved as many professional speakers and judges as I could. The complex of these actions brought about creating a perspective and ground-breaking attitude to the Hult Prize at my university. Another challenge was to inspire teams and engage them in the process of building their start-ups. The solution is rather easy – there is nothing better than keeping in touch and treating every person individually. You can never know for sure what are the abilities and strengths of your teams, so it is your responsibility to make all of them understand that the world is in their oyster. My last advice for you as leaders is to look through impediments. The scale of your personality is determined by the scale of the problem that is able to tick you off. When you face an obstacle, you should ask yourself whether it is the one which is insurmountable for you.

On Campus Program at Higher School of Economics

Entrepreneurship is not a stroke of luck and even an inheritance of the family. It can be limited by nothing except yourself. You may experience hard and unpleasant losses, but the result depends only on yourself. Let’s consider these failures as opportunities! I lost Hult Prize competition at first, but I have started my career as Campus Director and cannot imagine my life without it now. The conclusion of my blog is the perfect place of Walt Disney’s quote “if you can dream it, you can do it”.

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