Leaving a Legacy

A couple of days ago, as a speaker at a forum about leadership with more than 60 young people, they asked me the question, what was my greatest achievement? To which I answered for all the experience gained during these years, that my greatest achievement is to see reflected the work of my initiatives in others, appropriating ideas and projects that one day I started.

It fills me with satisfaction that thanks to the Hult Prize On Campus Program today I can leave a legacy of leaders within my university and 3 other universities in El Salvador that were unaware of the largest social entrepreneurship platform in the world.

It has not been an easy road, since I requested support from the authorities of my university to carry out this event, since culturally we are forced to repeat patterns and get used to the initiatives that other people take, in the case of university, our teachers, student or social service addresses, entrepreneurship units, among others, but why not a student? Hult Prize taught me that as students we play an active role in our learning, and as much as we learn from the university, the university also learns from us.

We live in a competitive world, wherein the labor market, there is more demand than offers, that is why we must go from idea to action, and not only stay with the theory seen in class, we must organize ourselves and not wait for opportunities,we must create them, from the space in which we find ourselves and with the skills and abilities that we have and make available for a real change in the world.

I had always complained about the lack of spaces to generate professional and international experience from the academy, and when I heard about Hult Prize it meant everything, that’s why I made the decision to participate, and not stop until I left a legacy, and that year after year in my university and in all the universities of El Salvador can be developed, and in this way that more young students are empowered, that they appropriate the contest and that it is more of an experience throughout our career.

There will always be challenges, such as financing, but once the expected results are measured, and with a broad portfolio of national and international contacts, financing should not be something that worries us, rather a strength to generate new alliances.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from the university authorities, it was the faculty of legal sciences, to which my international relations career corresponds, I knew from that moment, that my purpose of leaving the legacy worked. Since we will run again the competition of On-Campus Program at Francisco Gavidia University, and now, in better conditions, with a better budget, and with people of my career involved, they asked me to apply as Campus Director, and this would be my last year at the university, so with the greatest of likes I accepted, and not only that, when I recruited my volunteer team for the competition last year, I included students from different universities with the purpose that If they knew about the Hult Prize, they will have an interest in applying to be a Campus Director too, and now I am a mentor to 5 young people who were volunteers and who will now take Hult Prize to their university campuses. And it’s about that, to share, to cooperate and generate alliances to continue creating opportunities for us and for others.

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