Jill Biden Hosts Eid al-Fitr Call

On May 25th, Jill Biden held a Biden for President Eid al-Fitr call with Muslim Americans to celebrate the end of the month of Ramadan.

“In our moments of weakness, we see how much we need our faith. That is the gift that Ramadan gives: vulnerability, brokenness, connection, and the chance to lift up those who need it most,” said Jill Biden. “That hunger, that sacrifice, that spiritual connection — we need it now, more than ever.  Despite contributing so much to our nation, Muslim communities continue to face discrimination, bigotry, and xenophobia. Muslim Americans are too often seen as suspicious or foreign … This Administration has done all that it can to divide us — to stoke fear and hate. And this pandemic has magnified every injustice and inequity in our country. And yet, Muslim communities continue to live out your faith with courage, kindness, and grit … To the doctors, nurses, and first responders on the front lines, our nation’s Muslim communities make our nation strong and one of the most diverse communities composed of every race and ethnicity. Joe and I know that your contributions are critical to our ability to endure the pandemic and figure out how we will move forward together. And you deserve leaders with just as much courage and heart — leaders who will fight for your future.”

“This month encourages introspection and gratitude, patience, humility and radical acceptance,” said Founder and President of Muslim Wellness Foundation Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad. “It allows us to gain mental clarity, emotional mastery, and self discipline. So some may wonder, how might this even be possible in the midst of a global pandemic? How do we or have we embraced the opportunities for personal, communal and spiritual growth? But I would say this is evident in our community, how we’ve rallied to serve in a responsible, socially distant but spiritually connected way … This unique Ramadan has given us unprecedented permission to reset our intentions and goals, to reflect on and reimagine our practices, our systems, the ways we connect who we value and why.”

Joe and Jill Biden pay their respects on Memorial Day.

“Muslims in America are one of the most diverse communities representing every race, ethnicity, and we’ve been weaving our contributions into the fabric of America for generations,” said Emgage Florida Chapter Executive Director Vetnah “Yemen” Monessar. “It is my hope that we can come together in 2020 to help mobilize the Muslim vote across the country … I implore you to please help in this effort by mobilizing and educating voters in your local communities, advocating for issues that are important to us and standing side by side with Joe Biden so that we can defeat Trump in 2020.”

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