Innovate and Build Sustainable Social Enterprises to Transform the Lives of 10 Million People

Hult Prize has redefined opportunity creation by harnessing the potential of students for the good of the world. There are 10 million people who lack basic energy. If we want a world free from an energy crisis,  then we must explore through different fields of energy in order to truly target all main areas with an energy deficit. As a Campus Director for this movement, I had the privilege to work with an exceptional team that dedicated two months helping Multimedia students to create inspiring solutions around the energy crisis. Through my personal experience, I strongly believe that the most important issue for any Campus Director is to share the right message throughout their campaign.

If we can accomplish the incorporation of the SDG’s into social entrepreneurship, then we can look forward to the making of a world based around sustainable development – bringing peace and prosperity both for the future generations and Mother Earth.

Our campus event was one of the most brilliant and admired ones recognized by the Hult Prize Foundation. We focused on skillful management and proper planning from the very beginning. Through the partnership with Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) and Assoc director – Prof. Dr. Kamrulzaman – we were fully supported from start to end. EDC’s role is to plan, coordinate, implement, and monitor all entrepreneur development activities within the university.

EDC helped us partner with Vice Presidents of Academics (VPA), a complete game changer for us. We explained the social benefits of Hult Prize and VPA fully supported it and gave us access to the entire university. We were allowed go to different classrooms at any time and talk about our events. I wanted more students to participate in this project so I asked our marketing team to go to different classrooms and pitch Hult Prize and this year’s case challenge. We also collaborated with professors’ from different departments to give extra credit to students who applied to the Hult Prize On Campus programme as an incentive for them to be part of it.

In the following week, we successfully conducted three briefing & networking sessions with more than 300 people in attendants. As we all know, networking is very important to evoke a competitive spirit and create interest among people. We were really overwhelmed to see such a huge crowd turning up and showing unprecedented interest and support for our event. The prime goal of this session was to clear any doubts the participants had and brief them thoroughly about this year’s case challenge. The participants shared their ideas, clarified their doubts through an open-ended interactive session with our distinguished speakers – while at the same time helped create buzz among a bigger crowd.

In the end, we thanked our honorable speakers for gracing us with their valuable time and shared their amazing success stories to motivate the participants. We also hosted a drawing competition and gave the winner an instant camera.

We had also sourced some RM15,000 from our valued sponsors to organize the whole range of events. However, at the end of the day, we decided to give away RM5,000 to Rohingya refugees in Malaysia – this being a much better representation of what Hult Prize stands for. Participants were briefed to have a critical look at the energy crisis and look for ways to move into a sustainable future.

Our final week was exhausting with 4 events occurring within 5 days. First, we had our preliminary rounds where our judges selected the top 12 teams out of 147 submissions. After that we had to make sure that these 12 teams were ready for the final, so we hosted an interactive workshop session for them. Our honorable speaker Mr. Ko Chuan Zhen, CEO of +Solar, eloquently explained the efficient allocation and usage of energy as well as the different scopes in the Energy sector that can be exploited for a better world and better future. The following day, we had our final round where our honorable judges closely marked the participating teams and ultimately decided to award Drinage – who came up with a tremendous idea –  first place.

It was an amazing journey for us and we have everyone that was a part of it to thank for. We were truly encouraged and inspired by the many different people that we met along the way. This journey of excellence became an eye-opener and cornerstone for all of us to embark on our new journey. Let us all strive hard to change our world!

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