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   Ibrahim AlHusseini     Founder & CEO  Written by David Helfenbein.

AlHusseini is changing the world. As an avid diver, Husseini witnessed the deterioration of our oceans firsthand and launched FullCycle Inc. to incentivize the world to join him in reversing environmental ruin.

While visiting the Red Sea, Ibrahim was stunned to find the beaches and scuba destinations he loved as a child covered in plastic. So, Ibrahim set out to fix our global municipal waste problem.

He is the managing partner of FullCycle Energy LP I and II, a series of waste-to-energy funds, accelerating the adoption of the world’s leading waste-to-value technology. Ibrahim finances global power plants that turn that waste into clean fuel to bring affordable, sustainable power to millions in need in the developing world. FullCycle Energy uses gasification: the conversion of carbon-laden waste into “syngas” for fuel production. This technology exposes waste to extreme heat to break down and strip out dangerous, pollution-causing compounds, which can then be disposed of. Modern gasification does not produce the toxic gases generated by incineration and can be built and operate at half the cost, allowing for much faster global adoption.

Now, FullCycle is building an active network of citizen-investors, from across the socioeconomic spectrum, to expedite the transition to a low carbon economy. After addressing our global garbage crisis, FullCycle will turn its attention to water, energy and agriculture. To date, Ibrahim has raised half a billion dollars in impact-focused capital.

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