I Managed To Run The BEST OnCampus Event in 2018!

It is all about the relevance of pressing need, time and resources. Every individual who makes a little effort to bring positive change into a society is indeed a winner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hult Prize Foundation for selecting me as the best In-Class Campus Director for their 2018 cycle. This has been by far the greatest achievement of my life that I will forever cherish.

It was the vision of the Hult Prize Foundation that inspired me to take the decision of organizing an OnCampus event while at my last university semester. In today’s world – where issues like poverty, poor health, and poor education have hollowed the roots of many countries – social entrepreneurship and its exponential growth has awakened hope among nations to fight against such crisis. Hult Prize within itself has cut the cast and creed system of social entrepreneurship that has defined finding solutions to local issues, this by giving university students the transformed perspective and reach to be able to go from local to global. I have seen American students proposing solutions to Asian’s socio-economic problems and its not only heart-warming but empowering to the youth.

Undoubtedly, the Hult Prize Foundation is the building block needed to bring social change across the world by empowering younger generations and giving them the right tools. This year’s Hult Prize theme of the challenge was “Harnessing the Power of Energy”, a cause very close to my heart as back in my country and around the world people are deprived of education, health care and a good livelihood just because the energy production falls short. It is a commodity taken for granted in its vast possibilities and its key role in multiple issues.


“Competition is always a healthy activity but it doesn’t mean that ideas which do not win are valueless”


Mahnoor Memon got selected to play the role of Campus Director for Hult Prize about a month after other Campus Directors around the globe. She could have organized it in restricted boundaries and resources due to a time constraint, but she had an aim to make a difference by going above and beyond by getting a number of people on board in a short amount of time – that together created a community for social good and betterment.

Indeed, it was a little spark of social revolution that Mahnoor and her team ignited to the 181 participating teams around campus. They reflected the Hult Prize Foundation’s vision to bring social change in their daily awareness sessions.

“When you are an entrepreneur with a marketer’s mind, you make business”, said Mahnoor Memon. She herself had worked for an entrepreneurial society for three years and studied marketing as a major in her university. By applying every possible experience and knowledge her team possessed to the promotion of Hult Prize and its mission – they achieved a Hult Mega Promo Event at Sukkur IBA University, Pakistan with over 2,000 attendees. In the search of an ingenious solution for an unthought-of problem, she and her team placed a billboard at a key location on campus to get the undivided attention of people. In addition to this, they organized an entrepreneurial boot camp to help students make commercially viable business plans. She and her team aimed to take Hult Prize OnCampus to the next level, so they partnered with two seed-funding ventures to fuel the participating startups. They also partnered with Pakistan’s best news channel to spread Hult Prize slogan – leading a generation to change the world – to touch as many people as possible and ignite their inner entrepreneurial spark around the country.

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