Hult Prize Through the Lens…

Hey, you’re about witness the journey of a regular filmmaker who found her way into the social entrepreneurship ecosystem: me.

Get comfortable and pretend you’re in front of a DVD player watching my movie.

It all started when I was 7 years old.

You see a small and funny girl on screen playing with her dad’s camera, imagining herself to be a filmmaker. This same girl asks — mostly forces — her neighbors to act in her first short film.

Fast forward to that girl’s last year in college, after finishing her studies in video production, when she is asked to work on a documentary film about this huge international organization called the Hult Prize.

This is the moment everything came together, and I started falling for the most amazing organization in the world.

Forget the DVD player (you can turn it off), now you’re back reading the actual script of what happened next.


Karla and her production team are in the middle of a Mexican university called ITAM, filming students who compete to win 1 million dollars to transform their ideas into game-changing social enterprises. She has no idea what’s happening, but for the first time ever, she sees the power to change the world in the form of real humans pitching on a stage.

She recognizes that an amazing story unfolds right in front of her eyes, and starts filming it.

Cut to.


Karla is writing a thesis about the Hult Prize (most of this time is spent in front of a computer and cups of coffee, so let’s move to the next scene)

Cut to.


Karla is in a popular Mexican restaurant talking to a rockstar Hult Prize leader called Nelly Andrade (by that time, Mexico’s National Director). She explains the things she’s doing with Monse Padilla (Campus Director) to make a visual content campaign for Hult Prize at ITAM. Nelly stops eating her fluffy pancakes, and gets excited about the prospect of inspiring millions of Mexican youth to make a difference in their country and the world beyond.

Cut to.


Karla presents her thesis about Hult Prize in front of her teachers, family and friends. The room is full of people, her heart beats louder than anyone else’s, but then she sees Nelly’s face in the crowd, and decides to do whatever it takes to join her team…

Cut to.


Big graduation party, Karla dances all night. (Again, let’s move to the next scene)

Cut to.


The phone rings, it’s Nelly.


Hey Karla, good news! We’re hiring and we want you to be part of our team.

After Karla’s heart stops beating amazingly fast she finds the way to pretend she’s calm and clumsily accepts the offer.

To be continued…

Hey reader, it’s me again. Everything you’ve read until here is pretty cool, right? But you haven’t seen (read) anything.

From that moment on, my life in Hult Prize has been an amazing adventure. Right after Nelly told me to be part of her team I went to Boston to meet Ahmad Ashkar, the CEO and Founder of Hult Prize, and the rest of the global team, but instead of staying just for a few days I stayed for a whole month doing what I love the most: movies.

These movies don’t look like the ones you’ve seen in theaters, they chase other goals besides entertaining. These films tell the story of how students from all over the world work to make this world a safer, fairer and a better place to live.

I’ve been traveling with a camera in hand making sure that this amazing movement gets documented and shared, but also, I’ve been developing marketing abilities that help all of these stories get properly spread to the whole world.

Social entrepreneurship talks to everyone. From the United Nations, to students with just an idea to change the world, from universities to whole countries, from engineers to filmmakers. It makes everyone work with passion, which is the main fuel in the amazing road to change the mindset of millions of students to re-direct their professional path into the social impact space.

Hult Prize is a call to action, to you.

Now you can go back with whatever you were doing before reading my story, but I can bet you’ll be thinking about Hult Prize for a while.

Reader, welcome to the movement.

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