Hult Prize Al Neelain University

On the evening of an autumn rainy day in Khartoum, in the late of July of 2020, and while the world was catching its breath from the effect of a general and general closure, and the ghost of the Corona pandemic still casts its heavy and gloomy shadow over the world. I received a message in my account on the Twitter platform from a nice young university student who I had not met before, but he is a friend of mine on

The message was Please give me your phone number Sir, I want to discuss with you on an important topic. I gave him the number and I received his call. He told me that I’m Hamza Orfali, a student at the Faculty of Medicine at Al Neelain University , he said I’m Campus Director of the Hult Prize in Sudan and at my university and he would like you to join us in our team as a coach in the marketing field.

For a while I thought that he was talking about a local prize in the field of medicine, but he explained to me that it is a Nobel Prize for students, according to him, and that the prize is a one million dollars and it is an international prize. I gave him initial approval and then I searched for Hult prize on the Internet, information, pictures and details about this global award. Then I registered a daily visit to the award’s website and its social media platforms, and it formed a clear and complete picture of the situation. I started online training, where I gave lectures on the Facebook platform on the award page at Al Neelain University via a live broadcast in which I talked about marketing, its importance and benefit and linked it to the competition slogan of the year, which is Food for Good, which I
liked very much.

Hult Prize Al Neelain University

The challenge began at the university, which was proud for me to be one of its team’s coaches and the qualifiers started to get more fierce and ferocious between the teams until we reached the pre-final stage
where I met the teams face to face in an intense and comprehensive training. And while the year is in its end and the Corona in its second wave We met and determined the teams that would climb to
the final. And with the beginning of January of the year 2021, the great hall at Al Neelain University was full with ideas, presentations, projects and discussions.

with students in a heated fight to determine the hero of this first version The situation continued for a full 6 hours, which
resulted in a victory for a team that presented and enjoyed the committee, the referees and everyone. the teams breathed the moment the winner was announced winners. as for me there is no loser on that day. Hult prize is a great idea and behind it great young people, whether in Sudan or internationally. An experience that I will not forget that I witnessed it from the moments of its first birth until the winners announced.

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