HP’s 2019 Sustainable Impact Report: The Corporate Eco-Footprint, Workplace Culture and Serving Communities

The company’s annual report is a thorough and encompassing analysis of its progress and goals for environmental and social change around the world. With new announcements, familiar commitments and impressive goals, HP’s 2019 Sustainable Impact report is surely a business model you want to check out.

As one of the world’s leading players in the printing and technology industry, HP is a clear example of the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility.” The release of its 2019 Sustainable Impact Report outlines all the ways the company is using its power to affect serious environmental and social change—on the macro and micro levels.

HP is not new to the conversation on sustainability or the responsibility of a business’ eco-footprint. Ellen Jackowski, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer, spoke with Environmental Protection (EP) not long ago about how companies can push sustainability forward through a global pandemic.

HP’s newly released 2019 Sustainable Impact Report shares the company’s notable strides towards a better environmental, social and human rights future. While HP already offers sustainable products like printers made from recycled plastic, runs a cartridge recycling program and supports eco-friendly 3D printing technologies, it did not stop there.

The 2019 impact report discusses HP’s efforts to do the follow, among other goals:

  • better drive diversity, inclusion and people of color on their teams
  • expand its social justice organizations to combat systemic racism and inequality
  • commit to eliminate 75 percent of single-use plastic packaging by 2025 compared to 2018
  • expand the HP Sustainable Forests Collaborative
  • continue to drive transparency and long-term community impact (see the HP Human Rights Progress Report)

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