Have Arab Youth Lost their Faith in Capitalism?

All I know is that they have drowned us in movies that sell the so-called “American Dream” and when we got there we discovered that we are in the middle of a nightmare.

Among those who believe that capitalism has begun to collapse and that it has never adapted to the crises the world has gone through in past years, and who believes that this system is the solution to all economic and social problems that the world suffers from, there is another group that places its trust in a new system that serves the interests of peoples primarily in cooperation With governments and public sectors, the health crisis linked to the Coronavirus undoubtedly strengthened this confidence.

At a time when capitalism is defending the free market and seeing that private institutions guarantee the accumulation of production and reinvestment of profits, and thus the advancement of the economy of society; Socialism, on the other hand, defends economic equality and the need to distribute the means of production and resources to everyone, believing that profits belong to society and the government should intervene to provide this right. No matter how many opinions differ and differ, the only goal that everyone agrees on is to overcome the tensions and disturbances that strike people from all sides and ends, while ensuring happiness and a decent life for everyone. We asked a group of Arab youths about their views on capitalism and socialism in the post-Corona world, and these were their answers.

The Lebanese banking system has stolen my money
“Because of the incidents that have affected the Lebanese banking system in the past weeks, a generation of young generation – if not my entire generation – has lost their confidence in this system that in one way or another has stolen people’s money. I am currently stuck in Belgium due to the Corona virus for nearly The three months now, without accessing my money that I spent the past ten years collecting and saving, so the problems we face today are great. The only thing I can say about capitalism is that it has made my generation suffer from terrible existential fears after we got to know products that life essentially depends on. They could show us the fried chicken when we suffered from hunger, and as soon as we got close to it they took it. We are a generation who have trusted all regimes and are looking for a new system that serves our prosperity. All I know is that they drowned us in films that sell the so-called “American Dream” and when we got there We discovered that we are in the middle of a nightmare. “ – Faras, 28,

There is no trust in capitalism.
“If the question is confined to trust, then trust has been missing in capitalism from eternity. I find that the global capitalist system is what makes the Arab region flounder under the economic and military hegemony of the leading countries in this system, in the sense that these Arab countries “Modest markets become like markets and begin to conclude agreements that block the path to countries that are self-reliant. There are indeed many imbalances at the level of internal politics and internal individual mentalities, but the capitalist system reinforces this reaction.” Nizar, 23,

The socialist system , the source of most problems
“My confidence in the capitalist system and the free market, the only system that has proven successful and effective in preserving private property, effectively distributing scarce resources with multiple uses, and raising the quality of life for millions of people throughout history and the world, has not wavered. The opposite of socialism, whether in its classic sense as applied in The eastern camp countries last century led to catastrophic results, or in their contemporary concept in the name of social democracy as there is in the western European country today. And creativity for young people and citizens in general… Socialism may appear as a solution to our contemporary economic problems, but it is in fact the source of most problems. ” – Yassin, 27

More interest in democracy and general welfare
“Obviously, in the current economic system, the life of a wide segment of the population is threatened with every crisis due to social inequalities. We really have to move towards a fairer, not-for-profit society but for prosperity and general well-being while respecting the environment and natural resources. Hence, we need a system A new economist is closer to the values ​​of socialism and is rooted in a democratic system.I am not an economist, but there is generally a set of measures that can be adopted that explain my idea more: for example, promoting access to important services such as health and education whose quality and free quality must be guaranteed, and working on a fair tax system that allows distribution “The governance of companies and institutions should not be neglected and focus on providing all the appropriate working conditions for the worker and involving him in making decisions instead of looking for profit at any price. These are just a few examples without which no society can develop towards the path of progress.”Afaf, 31 years old

A new system looming
With each passing day in this crisis, capitalism is proving to be a fragile and collapsing system with surprising speed, for flimsy reasons. However, the system as a whole did not change, even after the 2009-2008 crisis, and the gap between the poor and the rich continued to widen. When most of the wealth of the earth is concentrated in the hands of only 1% of its population, this farce and the ensuing consequences of the overwhelming majorities must be ended. I think the time has come for a new economic order that I do not know what it is. I am not a fan of socialism or communism and I am not an economist. What is certain is that with this amount of corruption and gross poverty around the world, the end of capitalism has come in favor of a new system that we know nothing about, but rather will be formed according to the requirements of things after the end of the peak of the Corona crisis as we see, probably after the arrival of a vaccine and the start of the virus turning into a memory Gradually from the past.– Ibrahim, 26 years old The

Balance between capitalism and socialism is the solution
“Capitalism may have been the most appropriate solution in recent decades, but the health and economic crisis that we are passing through today has clearly demonstrated that it is easily destructible. Had it not been for states to enter, the entire world would have collapsed, and nothing would be left for us to restore. I will not say that I have become a trend towards socialism, this is because I have always believed in the power of a balanced economy that combines capitalism and socialism. I see the current crisis as a vivid example of my belief that much socialism or much capitalism has never been the solution. Today, systems play “Public health, governmental organizations, and governments play a major role in containing the crisis, yet the private sector also provides the necessary support without which the public sector would not be able to continue its work.” -Umaima, 26,

Model Scandinavia
“When I set out to read about history and relate it to the events we live in today, I began to touch a set of contradictions. After learning more about the capitalist and socialist systems and the cold war that characterized the twentieth century and many other historical elements, I understood that the reason behind these social and economic contradictions that we live in the world It is the capitalist system, as it aims to profit primarily from lobbies represented by minorities that monopolize global wealth and control the politics of the entire world. The crisis that we live today, and the accumulation of crises in past years, proves strongly the failure of the capitalist model. Therefore, I consider that the socialist system is the door Although it is not a complete solution, he also proved his failure in 1989 after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union, but at least these capitalist countries, including liberal ones, benefited from the socialist system and tried to mix the two models as France did.I find myself in the socialist system, not as it was in the time of the Soviet Union, but as it is adopted by the Scandinavian countries that tried to mix the capitalist and socialist systems to come out with a new system which is social democracy. “Ezz Al-Arab, 26 years old

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