“Harffun: Your favorite cultural learning atmosphere”

 By Hiba Tabarany

2 years ago, 3 students from the Jordan University of Science and technology, were living a normal university life, thriving a new experience, thirsty to learn something new, and that’s when the bulb lighted, generating their idea, Harffun.

      Mohammad, Ameer, and Baida’a, are the co-founders of Harffun, this group of youth found a good way to lead their startup by themselves, they divided the tasks upon each other based on the different natural skills each one of them has, they started Harffun from scratch, and now they’re leading it to a very successful future, all by nothing but a good team-work.  

      In this colorful, diverse planet, the number of crafts and skills is uncountable, the variety of cultures we have around us is insane, there’s always something new you can learn from another individual in the world, and that’s what Harffun is trying to do, basically Harffun is a a multi-sided platform that connects people who have the excitement to learn new skills or try new experiences with people who are willing to offer a satisfying learning journey, it’s the place where you can learn how to play guitar, how to photograph, how to paint mandalas and so many other things, it’s simply the perfect artistic atmosphere to enjoy feeding your passion or even discovering a new one!

     Harffun is impacting in so many other ways too, they are reducing the unemployment problem that overburdens the community, in the platform you can have an income from sharing your art, craft, skill or experience, furthermore, they’re impacting the cultural sector that is starting to detach from our contemporary technological lifestyle which is accelerating insanely, by  presenting  traditional learning form a hand to another hand in the most flexible, easy, and cost-effective way that fit our current time needs.

      Like any other startup Harffun had their own obstacles during the journey, it was hard to find professional masters who have the ability to offer a quality learning process, and a high-quality technical developer who can apply their ideas in the way they wanted, but the good news is that they finally launched the website a while ago, and it’s already doing a great job.

      Harffun also participated in Hult Prize 2018, they needed a motivation to push harder with all the obstacles they’ve faced that started to weaken their energy, Hult prize gave them hope to be heard and seen, and so it was, they won the first place in JUST campus in 2018 and went to compete regionally in Malaysia,

They filled their battery with a lot of business experience, it was a rich journey, they improved their pitching skills and learned to consider each team as a teacher that can impact their business.

      Harffun team has a great vision for their business future, they hope to transform cultural learning from just an activity that an individual would like to know about or try, to a cultural habit, they wish to have school programs and launching tools line so that  they can have their own public spots that outreach a bigger audience.

       Harffun would love to thank Shamal Start for incubating their project, hult prize and UNDP, they also advise the youth who are willing to start their own business with tow important tips: first,choose a team that is willing to be a family, you’re going to go through a lot of ups and downs, make sure your teammates are professional in work, and passionate about the idea, second, be brave, tell your idea to everyone and see how they can help you make it happen.

Never forget with Harffun there’s always something new to learn!

Unikorn Staff
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