Guatemala´s road to social, economic and environmental sustainability

By Marcela Alejandra González Alvarez

In Guatemala, many people and companies are working hard to lead an ecological lifestyle in order to reduce the environmental, social and economic impact that the planet is currently suffering from. One of them is Organicum, a green entrepreneurship founded in 2017 by Daniela Bianchi, a 24-year-old sustainable tourism manager graduated from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

Daniela´s path with Organicum began when she started using stainless-steel straws as an effort to reduce her consumption of plastics. Soon after she started, a lot of her close friends and family became interested in them as well. She then realized that by providing them with these types of products, people all over the country could learn that living in an environmentally conscious way can be easy; contrary to the idea that many people have that organic and ecological products are expensive and difficult to obtain. This is why Organicum´s primary mission is to provide people with solutions that allow them to be part of the change in a simple and accessible way.

Even though Organicum started selling only stainless-steel straws, three years later the variety of products they manage has increased significantly. From pens, water bottles and cutlery, to hygiene products such as toothpaste, razors, shampoo and skin care products.

Besides from the fact that Organicum is currently providing many products of their own, they are also working together with other local entrepreneurs in order to accomplish two main goals. First, to make sure that the process of acquiring ecological products is as comfortable as possible for consumers, this is why Organicum promotes other brands that sell similar types of products. Second, they are also trying to support small enterprises around the country, mainly because one of Daniela´s objectives is to make people understand that in order for a significant change to happen and to have a greater scope, help and union within entrepreneurs is more important than competition between them. She firmly thinks that the impact that Organicum has had in Guatemala is that it has managed to unite many brands, entrepreneurs and products to show Guatemalans that change is possible and within our reach.

Daniela is highly motivated by the fact that Organicum has managed to change the life of many people. Specially, she gets really excited when her costumers reach out to her to let her know how convinced they are of making the best decision for them and the planet or when people try unconventional products and fall in love with the beautiful and interesting process of a living a conscious lifestyle.

For Daniela, Organicum has allowed her to fulfill her life mission because it was her dream come true to motivate and teach Guatemalans that even small actions can generate an important social, economic and environmental impact. At the moment, Daniela is selling Organicum products through their Instagram page @Organicum11, however, one of her biggest dreams in the future is being able to have an online or physical store in order to facilitate the shopping process. Also, she would love to give consultancies, whether it is to individuals or to whole companies, so that the life and work styles of Guatemalan people begin to change little by little.

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