Greeniculture is Spreading Green Vibes among City Dwellers to Ensure Sustainable Agriculture and to Fight against Climate Change

By Md. Moniruzzaman

Small in area, but large in population- that says enough about Bangladesh. The pressure of this enormous population is visible everywhere. Residential buildings are increasing along with offices, roads, and other infrastructure to support the population. 

Due to unplanned urbanization, the cities are losing their normal livability. Indiscriminate cutting of trees took away the touches of greenery and increased pollution. Excessive air pollution has turned the capital- Dhaka city unlivable. 

The air in this city is carrying more pollutants than its capacity. Temperature is also rising faster than expected. So, ‘greening’ is a crying need to bring back liveliness in the cities. 

GREEN-I-CULTURE. The name depicts the relation with ‘greening’. Greeniculture, which was founded by some students from Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, is working to build a green ambiance by providing urban farming services and establishing community farming in cities. 

Greeniculture was born from thinking of app-based services. One app will provide solutions to all problems regarding agriculture. But they initiated their journey by serving consultancy for growing plants and providing rooftop gardening services

The beginning was as usual, the hardest. With insufficient resources and so many obstacles, they built up Greeniculture depending on their indomitable willpower and patience.

Well-planned gardening can utilize the blank spaces of a house. It gives a greenish and healthy environment in the surroundings. Greeniculture is not only providing a set-up for gardening but also accessories like various plants, soil, fertilizer, beds, and so on. Also, maintenance and consultation for any plant disease are assured.

Image: One of the rooftop projects of Greeniculture

Most of the residents in Dhaka city are jobholders, businessmen, or daily wage earners. Due to a lack of cultivable lands, nobody is involved in farming. Consequently, the city dwellers have to depend on the farmers in villages for agricultural products or foods. 

But as these products travel so many places before reaching to the customer, the quality is not assured often. Again, people who are gardening in rooftop can not sell their products as no platform is found. So, they consume all the products gained from these farms. 

Greeniculture has brought an excellent solution to this problem too. The foods that are produced in rooftops have been demanded throughout the city. Greeniculture is going to be a dependable e-commerce platform for buying and selling these products

They will also ensure ‘no use of harmful chemicals’ through their involvement in taking care of plants. Urban people will get fresh, green, and organic fruits and vegetables! Both gardeners and buyers are finding Greeniculture as a trustworthy platform. 

Image: These rooftop projects will provide fresh and organic products

Till now, Greeniculture has directed more than 15 projects successfully. They are also planning to make more than 2000 rooftop projects successful and increase green spaces within the next 5 years.

It will inspire the urban people to engage in farming and assist in building a sustainable city. ‘Greening’ projects will also improve the quality of air and reduce the temperature to the optimum level.

Greeniculture can accomplish SDG 11 and 13 which focus on building a sustainable city and taking action to fight the impacts of climate change through their projects. 

The whole world is observing the manifests of climate change in every aspect of life. Where urgent climate action is being expected from youth changemakers, Greeniculture delivers the message of hope by their efforts and can be a blessing to humans and nature. 

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