Global Diaries: For Us By Us – Mumbai Edition


While I was still a Campus Director with Hult Prize, the foundation decided to host a Regional Summit in Mumbai and I was appointed Regional Director. Post the successful summit, which was honestly the best day of my life, I was talking to one of my best friends regarding the Mumbai Regionals and went down memory lane… See below our talk about the event, the action and the incredible memories left behind.

Hi Shruthi! Hope you are doing great! I saw you were busy with Hult a few weeks ago? How did it go?

It was the most amazing week! It was a full week of volunteer recruiting, setting up, pizza parties with the organizing committee and deciding the theme and menu for the Finals! The Summit went perfectly, we had 11 judges who were professionals and we saw a whopping 60+ teams participating all over Asia, Australia and parts of Jordan. I couldn’t have managed this without my Regional Advisor’s help- Callum Porter-Harris, Global Director and Head of content at Hult Prize foundation and Fahim- RD of Malaysia. Also, my university SDA Bocconi Asia Center supported me throughout by providing the venue for the event.

That’s so nice to hear! I wanted to volunteer too but sadly was busy. What was the best moment with your volunteers? Any feedback you received?

Volunteers were from all over Mumbai and Bangalore. They loved organizing the event along with me. They put up a great 2-day show and were enthralled! The most pricey moment with them was while deciding the menu for Finals. Apart from that, during the pitching session, it was amazing to see volunteer coordination from room to room. It was perfect. That’s the volunteering!

How about the judges, what feedback did they give about the summit?

The 11 judges were honored to be a part of Mumbai regionals. They gave good feedback to all of the teams. The event was structured in this format: Pitching session where each team had to pitch for 6 minutes their business idea based on a case of youth unemployment and a 4-minute Q&A session with the Judges. I was a Room Manager in one of the pitch rooms and I personally enjoyed the feedback session the judges had with the teams. It was a great learning experience for all of us in the room! Every business idea put together by teams (who were carefully selected during the On-campus events in their universities) was meticulously crafted and fueled by a passion for the social cause.

That must have been so exciting! Did you have a training session too?

Yes, it was 2-day summit. On 12 April we had training for the team registration. This was super fun as my social media team did a very good job to capture every team’s photo and excitement. We had an Instagram booth where each team took time to pose and repose. Then we had an hour of training where Callum, Fahim and I gave a brief of Hult and was also joined by Dean of SDA Bocconi Asia Center, David Bardolet. We also had keynote speeches as well where Mr.Ashok Mahbubani, Founder of Mtronics took us through his journey and ended it with a beautiful song. That was the highlight of the evening. Also, we had Mr.Vinod Parameshwar, the HR Director at the Lincoln Institute of Land policy and Mr. Manish Ranjan, a former Hult prize winner speaking about their very own experiences.

Who were the winners? How did you conclude it?

The Finals were held during the evening of April 13. It was nerve-wracking with the building suspense as 6 teams were announced from the 60 teams who presented during the day. After a close competition, the judges went for deliberation and Team PrimaCare, from AFMC Pune, were declared as the winner! The room was filled with claps, people taking videos and a lot of celebratory moment. The judges were also kind enough to tell us on what basis they declared them the winner and the key thing to take away was- Synergy. “If we are in synergy with our team, it adds value to the passionate idea we are here to present.” Last but not least, we concluded the summit with a giant photograph and an afterparty! We had to party after all the hard work! So we went to Crafters, a pub nearby to let go and loosen the stress we built up during the day!

That’s must have been tiring and equally thrilling! I would definitely look into this event next year! I also read about the Hult Prize Wild card entry! It a great initiative where you can show your leadership skills and also build your ideas!  

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