From tennis to corporate gaming and everything from home: this is the story of Tomás Giovanetti

This entrepreneur started with a video game about bullying at the age of 16, today he is 21 and distributes training games to large companies around the world.

” How to make money from home? “This is a question that many people are asking today, but that Tomás Giovanetti, founding CEO of The Gaming Agency (TGA) , asked himself just over four years ago when he was on tour playing tennis in the United States.

Tom, at 16 years old, was training double shifts to be able to position himself among the best tennis players in his country, Argentina, and he even placed himself in the 30th place among the most outstanding at the national level, but he would soon realize “with complete transparency ”That becoming a professional tennis player was something that was going to cost him most of his life. 

Photo: Courtesy of Tomás Giovanetti 

“I liked it, it was relatively good but I did not see myself with enough future to be able to become a professional and personally what I said to myself was: do I really want this for my life or do I want to explore a world that I like more?” Says Tomás Giovanetti in an interview with Entrepreneur in Spanish.

So, while on tour in the United States it occurred to him to ask Google “How to make money from home?” The search engine’s answers led him to some pages that helped him earn income, but at the same time they would seem very little. This is the path that would lead him to develop “You Deserve” , an awareness game about bullying.

“The game sold around 20,000 copies in the first hours and at the time was worth $ 9.99 (232 Mexican pesos at today’s exchange rate),” explains Tom. 

Later, the curiosity of the young entrepreneur would become TGA, a corporate gaming company that has local and international clients such as 47 Street, Telefónica, the Argentine Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs and Nestlé in Chile. And with world-class partners like Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA). 

The home office did its magic 

A 16-year-old athlete who always carried the racket bag on one shoulder and the backpack with his computer on the other got tired of the little money that some pages on the internet offered him and finally ran into the same platform with Jordi Sánchez, a better Spanish youtubero Known as Nodician , he contacted him and he helped him as a mentor and director of the program part of “You Deserve”. 

Photo: Courtesy of Tomás Giovanetti

Likewise, he contacted a Mexican designer named Rodrigo Herrera who lives in San Luis Potosí and that was how at the beginning with 200 dollars, at that time 16 thousand Argentine pesos, and approximately 4,641 Mexican pesos at today’s exchange rate, from Argentina, Spain and Mexico carried out this project. 

“We have full confidence in remote work,” says Tom. Currently, TGA has a network of almost 30 developers distributed around the world that provide services for game development.

Tomás Giovanetti Alejandro’s turn to The Gaming Agency  

The first crisis that the young entrepreneur had today, 21 years old, was to launch the bullying game on Steam when two video games with millions of dollars in budget, such as Formula 1and No Mans Sky, also came onto the market.  

How did they manage to position themselves as the most downloaded video game at that time against such giants? “Good trying to do a lot of advertising with the image of the 17-year-old boy who was trying to raise awareness about a very relevant problem such as bullying,” Tom replies. 

Today, after a retailer with a presence in Latin America will speak to them to find a solution to teach their employees to sell clothes, their gaming business lines are linked to the corporate world. TGA develops games to do brand branding, train personnel and create communities around teams, athletes and artists. 

In this sense, they have three lines of business: 

Branded games that consists of developing advertising videogames to connect the values ​​and attributes of a product or brand with its audiences and also get the behavioral data of customers (user behavior data). 

“For example: we developed a kind of ‘Candy Crush’ with clothing sets to sell seasonal clothing on 47 Street, we realized, comparing with the sales results, that indeed people preferred certain combinations of clothing than others” Tom says. 

Training games, this is a more B2B business model which consists of developing video games or platforms for training, generating rewards and optimizing processes such as onboarding in companies. “Through gamification we achieve greater impact and effectiveness in these learning processes,” explains Tom. 

Community games that consists of the development of platforms to exponentially increase the experience linked to a sports institution or entity, through gaming. They are video games to enhance the personal brand of an artist, athlete or relevant personality, using the gaming platform to transmit their experiences, values ​​and interact with their audience, increasing it while generating ROI.

TGA – Videoreel 2020  of  TGA “The Gaming Agency”  on Vimeo .

In this way, the video game development company of Tomás Giovanetti Alejandro was born and grew, which changed its name to The Gaming Agency in 2018 when it began to market training games for workers from different companies. 

“TGA was called from the beginning because TGA was originally my name Tomás Giovanetti Alejandro. Today with the board we turned it around and it’s called The Gaming Agency, ”says Tom. 

Tom’s company is currently focusing on training games , because with all the conjunctural issue of the pandemic they believe that what companies need is remote training. 

“I think it is the tool that you are not going to enhance in the future, it is basically a complement to e-learning, it basically serves to train or evaluate people, which is what we did with bullying but in other areas,” he explains. 

This company has just closed an agreement with a Mexican partner named Miguel Trigo Benítez, who has worked in companies such as Disney, Hasbro and Discovery, for the representation of TGA in the Aztec country. 

For the 21-year-old entrepreneur, it has been a long road full of great experiences and learning, so he shares some tips for those who are seeing gaming as an option for entrepreneurship: 

  1. Do not be afraid of change and try it: “I know it is quite a cliche but you must really get rid of that fear and really be able to jump into the pool and say ‘if it does not work, nothing happens’, try your ideas.” 
  2. Start small: Build game prototypes that are easy to develop. “Take your idea as high as possible by understanding your capabilities and what you can do at the time.” 
  3. Do not develop alone: video games require many things such as animation, music, rhythm, etc., “what I did was find people who will help me like Jordi and Rodrigo.” 

“Do not try to embark on monstrous ideas, go step by step and without fear, always referring to the first advice that is really do not be afraid to try because nothing happens but also do not think of putting together a very big idea from the first moment because it may happen but if the blow does not pass, it can be very strong ”, he concludes.

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