Fairooz Beether and Moner School in Bangladesh

By Prapti Biswas

Fairooz Faizah Beether, a graduate from Business Administration Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh. She is one of the founders of “Moner School” which represents a platform of mental health related issues. The verbal meaning of “moner school” stands for “the school of mind” . She is now an active member and working for mental health issues of different aged people around Bangladesh.

Beether was interested in psychology from her young age and wanted to pursue her further studies in that sector . After her higher secondary school certificate examination , she was offered a vice chancellor scholarship from an australian university to study psychology . She started her studies in Australia but suddenly her mother became seriously sick and it was almost impossible for Beether to leave her mother alone in Bangladesh . So she came back to Bangladesh and started her studies in Business Administration Discipline , Khulna University . Despite her inability to continue her studies in psychology , she did not give up her passion and finally got an opportunity about working in this sector.

Beether joined a platform called “Amra notun network “ by BRAC where she and her team decided to work on mental health related issues. BRAC is an international development organization based in Bangladesh that creates opportunities about social development, empowerment, education , health and environmental issues. “Amra notun network” is a youth platform of BRAC that creates active, enlightened and skillful youth leaders for the development of society and nation at large . In a training programme of Amra Notun Network in 2018, Beether and her team of 7 members had to give a speech about their working plan about mental health. This training was a starting point for them to work in this issue. After the training was over, they planned about expanding their work and spread this programme all over the country. Among the 7 members, 5 of them managed to establish Moner School in the November of 2018 and started their journey by doing a school-based programme.

At present , Moner School is working all over the country regarding mental health of people of all ages. It has organized some workshops around the country mostly in 2019 . The biggest workshop in Bangladesh about mental health was organized by Moner School which is a great achievement for all the members who have worked hard to make this a successful event. Now, this organization has around 35 campus ambassadors in different universities in Bangladesh to expand their work . During this Covid-19 pandemic, Moner School has arranged online live sessions with psychologists to solve mental health issues of different people. For students and those who can not afford, it gives free counselling . If anyone wants a direct appointment with psychologists , an affordable amount of counselling fee is needed.

As a co-founder of Moner School, Fairooz Faizah Beether has worked with all her hard work and dedication to make this organization work for all the people around who need help regarding mental health issues. She made her passion for psychology work through Moner School and doing her best for the betterment of this organization and the people around. Besides this, Beether is a content creator at Bengal Beats which is a content platform for creating shareable and engaging contents. Apart from mental health, she has also done a tremendous job in her educational sector. With a team of four members , Beether has won the 70% scholarship of 2020 ISCEA PTAK PRIZE. The PTAK PRIZE is a supply chain excellence award which is given for significance development through business rules, technology and vision. 

Mental health is a sensitive issue that most of the people do not want to talk about. Without sharing these problems  a person can be destroyed from inside. In Bangladesh, most of the people are not aware about this issue. At present, Beether is working for Moner School to expand the programmes all over so that people can be aware of their mental health and find a proper solution to it. She is really an inspiration for all of us who have initially failed in living our own passion. Because, hard work and dedication towards our dream can give us opportunities for fulfilling those.

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