Even Introverts Can Be Entrepreneurs

About the Author: The author is Md.Saifuzzaman currently studying in Civil and Water Resources department at Military Institute Of Science And Technology.  He with some of his friends and juniors who didn’t have any previous experience of organizing any event but organized Hult Prize On Campus event  successfully for the first time in their campus.


‘The harder you work, the more you achieve’, that is my life motto. Without hard work and without being passionate about it, it is hard and probably impossible to be successful. Yet, with the combination of hard work and passion, my friends and I managed to organize a Hult Prize OnCampus event for the first time in our campus. If the foundation of being an entrepreneur is starting something, then we completed the first phase successfully. As this was the first time organizing an event of such magnitude and prestige we wanted to create something eye-catching and new, passion was essential in succeeding.

Let me trace back a few steps, ever since I was kid my dream was becoming a pilot, yet as I grew up and analyzing my childhood dream my mind shifted from ‘seeking for a job’ to ‘creating a job’. Every day I used to check my social media friend list and and try to see if they were onto something new, something exciting; or not. This little habit is what brought me to the discovery of Hult Prize as it had appeared in a friend’s page. After intensive and curious research online I learned about their aims their objectives their mission and previous events. Mesmerized and impressed by what Hult Prize represented I applied to become a Campus Director. And so, my journey with Hult Prize started.

By the grace of almighty I was selected from over fifty-thousand applicants from all over the world. It is said that ‘the path to success is not easy, it is full of ups and downs’; as so it was. I had to overcome many obstacles – from getting the permission from the campus to forming the organizing team and other staff members and most importantly attract the attention of students to participate. Our team motto for this was that whatever we did, it should be unique and had to be completed. Launching a programme or a startup is easy, but sticking with it till the end is the tricky part. Actually, I don’t think there even is an ending to entrepreneurship, there is just the beginning and if there ever comes an ending then it is also the beginning of something new. Hult Prize has not only changed my life, but that of hundred of students in our university – and the meaning of entrepreneur with it; the mere thought of entrepreneurship were a sort of taboo for younger generations being subjected to believing that we could not be an authority towards creation or lacked the tools to successfully develop a company at 18. Back to the OnCampus program in the university, this was the first time ever that a winning team has been fully funded to attend the next round out of the country.

As this is an Engineering institution, we have always been told that Engineers lack in Management skills – which isn’t actually true. According to me, this is the era of innovation and marketing. The most innovative ideas will come from the engineers mind and then they will collaborate with business and marketing oriented people. The idea of course would have to be concrete and feasible at this point, to truly manage a company one must remember that it is about understanding others; it is so important give the people the respect and place they deserve and have them committed to the project at hand.

Through this event and experience, I have learnt that if the whole team isn’t passionate about the project equally it will fail in the long-run. It is so important to make a team with common goals, objectives and passion. It is time to change the world, it is time to join the movement of entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, some people will motivate you and some will demotivate but at the end path is yours. So, don’t waste your time, just be yourself and move forward – leaving all hesitations behind.

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