Colombian Entrepreneur Produces Bamboo Bikes

Currently, big cities have multiple problems in terms of mobility that have led to promoting the use of sustainable transportation. This is why the use of bicycles has been progressively implemented as a mean that provides users within a number of benefits, such as the possibility of moving in less time while being environmentally friendly, it promotes mental and physical health, decongests the cities and is low cost, which makes it possible to create more sustainable cities.

Thus, the Colombian designer, Julian Marin, who has a passion for bicycles, decided to look for innovative materials that allowed him to create his first bicycle. While researching, he found a plant that grows rapidly, is strong and at the same time flexible: bamboo.

This is how the Akúa Bambooclass project was born, an enterprise that since 2015 designs and manufactures bicycles with bamboo, and other non-conventional materials, creating an innovative proposal.

The first bicycle was made with bamboo and fiberglass. Then, he uses the fique and the cane arrow and finally the carbon fiber and Kevlar which makes it a very resistant bicycle.

We are trying to develop bicycles that do not have an environmental impact, in order to contribute to the reduction of climate change, by promoting the use of bicycles not only as a sustainable means of transport but with a different proposal. Akúa bikes make a difference not only because of the design, but because they are made with bamboo, so it vibrates less, and therefore do not tire. Bamboo also makes it light and therefore they are faster.” – Julian Marin, Founder of Akúa Bambooclass

The project has been so well received, that in 2016 the designer Hernando Marin, decided to participate in the project which allowed them to expand and reach international cities like Milan, Italy.

Nowadays, they keep producing bikes and are still looking for new materials to create and evolve with new designs.

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