Childhood Obesity?

By Amin Bega

 Childhood obesity is among the serious medical conditions that children suffer from, as obese children are the ones who are above normal weight for their age and height, Childhood obesity is dangerous, as it is considered the beginning of the road to health problems, as it leads in childhood to frustration and lack of what is the most factors that cause childhood obesity? how to save our children from this phenomenon?

 Some parents mistakenly think that the child who eats a lot is the ideal food for him, so they feed more chocolate and sweets in abundance, while giving the child other foods with milk during the breastfeeding period and the constant urge to the child to eat foods that have higher calories than normal while neglecting breakfast and diet The wrong life, such as waking up late and sleeping late, increases the child’s demand for fat while sitting for long periods in front of the computer, video games, and television, in addition to lack of movement, lack of play and no exercise, all of this ultimately leads to hormonal disorders that cause obesity in addition to the lifestyle The error exposes some children to taking medications containing corticosteroids that increase the risk of developing obesity early on.

To help our children from this phenomenon the childhood obesity should have a treatment and that treatment is divided into several behavioral, physical, nutrition and health axes: First, Nutrition Providing healthy balanced meals for the child while reducing as much as possible of fats, sugars, sweets and fast foods such as chips, fast food meals, instead he or she should eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains, and fat-free dairy foods. Second, Behavioral therapy by raising awareness of the dangers obesity, proper weight, healthy food habits, and the mother before the child, it is possible for the mother to see what she likes from the awareness programs in this on TV or in the internet.
After that, Physical therapy Exercise and the importance of sport at an early age to build the child’s body muscles and Participate in a game or sport and determine the hours of sitting at the computer an hour per day only. Addition to that, we use Drug treatment in cases of severe obesity, under the supervision of a doctor. Moreover, research and reports have proven that exercise is very important in children’s lives, as sports stimulate the circulation of blood in the body and it burns calories, and for children it is an important source of good and effective energy output, and this is what children need most of the time It is the emptying of their energies, But one report says that the percentage of children who practice sports at this age is very small, which helped spread diseases and epidemics among members of society because they did not practice sports continuously and regularly, and this leads to chronic diseases and diseases that spread randomly, Such as diabetes and heart disease, in addition to high blood pressure, and also leads to cancer, in addition to atherosclerosis and lack of immunity, in addition to the accumulation of obesity and fat in the body, because it is not able to leave the body to dispense with the movement And sports, as doctors assure, that those who practice regular sports remain younger than others and appear younger always, and they are considered among the individuals who do not show the state of aging, and doctors also advise the need to exercise, especially fast walking half an hour a day to avoid premature aging And one of the benefits of sports is that it helps the child to be active and constantly moving without getting tired or bored.
Conclusion what we have said in this article the primary reason that prevention of obesity is so vital in children is because the likelihood of childhood obesity persisting into adulthood increases as the child ages. This puts the person at high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease therefore we should make our children have healthy diets and good physical exercises to avoid any chance to get obesity ever.

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