Campus Director: One Experience, Five lessons !

By: Arfaoui Hiba

1.   No dream is too big

Hult Prize. This competition has taken a lot of space, time and effort from me during the past couple of years .

If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

It started as a dream, three years ago, I saw the brochures on the internet and although I was sadly studying in a campus where there wasn’t Hult Prize I kept following all the steps online looking to the progress of a lot of my friends through all the phases and that year I promised myself I’ll get into it, two years after I’m a campus Director !

2.   Just Go For it    

It was an amazing ride ! I remember at the beginning of this year messaging the facebook  page of Hult Prize asking them about how to apply to be on of the Organizing Committee and by chance the Campus Director application was still open, at first it felt like too big of a role too hard and too challenging but I took the leap trusted myself because I really believe in the impact of this movement and its mission I took the chance.

3.   Empathy is key

The preparation phase  ‘The planning ,  recruiting of my team and getting everything together ‘  But my team is the thing I am most proud of ! These 13 individuals that  I cherish and respect dearly who came on board with not a lot of experience but plenty of motivation and dedication and were my support system through this whole experience.

Through the whole experience as a leader I learned to be more empathetic towards my team , to motivate and congratulate often and most importantly to keep us focused on the impact we’re making and our mission .

4.   We can always learn to be more resilient

Hult Prize is about resilience , resilience in finding easy solutions for global problems, resilience when it comes to recruiting the team you’re going to enter the competition with, resilience in preparing your pitch and presentation it’s all about being resourceful and solution oriented and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic it proved we need more now teams all over the world are competing in virtual regionals, having online calls and seminars impact breaks are canceled but the impact is still happening

5.   Growth can’t happen overnight

When I started this journey as a leader of a big team working through a very big and ambitious end goal, I wasn’t experienced enough as any 20 years old student would be but I was driven and determined to give the best experience to my team and to push myself to grow and develop .

There were many bumps throughout the road but we conquered them. We were resilient enough as an organizing committee to overcome them and work our way through, we might not have the biggest success but we grew and came out of this experience as a family and as leaders determined to make more impact !

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