Attend the Changemaker Festival, where the heroes that will save the world emerge from

For three days, the university students will learn to generate a positive impact on society and will be part of the competition to accelerate in Hult Prize.

If there is something that distinguishes the young university students of today, it is that they are willing to take actions to change the world. Hult Prize knows this very well, the global corporation that fosters social change in the new generations through education and entrepreneurship, as well as promoting with financing and learning those who with their innovative ideas generate a positive impact in their communities.

For this reason, the Hult Prize Foundation and the Tec de Monterrey will carry out the Changemaker Festival, an event organized by Hult Prize with workshops, conferences, networking opportunities and workshops with themes around how to generate a high impact change in the world. There will also be concerts and food trucks and will all be based on the Santa Fe campus of the University from February 28 to March 2, 2019.

The event is open to the public and is aimed at anyone who wants to learn entrepreneurial skills and grow professionally, as well as those students with an entrepreneurial spirit who are willing to devise and implement solutions to alleviate priority social problems. There you can find inspiration and motivation to generate a sustainable impact and become the next hero. You will also learn the skills required for the jobs of the future and contact the leaders of different industries.

The event will also be the final destination of the Hult Prize Mexico Regional Summit where 50 teams of students from different universities of the world will participate for a pass to the Hult Prize Accelerator program in Ashridge, London. In these proposals, even you can be inspired to start your own action plan.

Additionally, on February 27 the Changemaker Awards ceremony will take place to recognize the effort and dedication of those who are already agents of change with innovation and providing opportunities to their communities. Here you can vote for your favorite based on the action plan they are developing.

In the first edition of the festival held in Lebanon in 2018, $ 300,000 was awarded in funds to young people in 4 competitions, students from 10 cities in the Middle East and other parts of the world participated, and more than 900 young people were trained for 60 hours through 30 specialized workshops.

If you have an idea to save the world and humanity, this may be your opportunity to start your venture. Sign up here to attend the event.

Nabilah Tarin
Nabilah Tarin is currently Head of Public Relations for a non-profit organization. She writes about topics around sustainable development and the environment. Open for pitches.

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