Amtea: The New Revolution of the Shipping Industry

By Hiba Tabarany

It all began last year, when a group of students from the Jordan University of Science and Technology had an idea, a solution, something they believed that it’ll have an impact, they made the choice, they will do what it takes to make this idea a startup, and that’s how Amtea saw the light. Hajer Khdour, Abdelrahman Sader, Anas Hayajneh and Omar Nofal are industrial engineering students and the Co-founders and the managing board of Amtea, a hard working dedicated team with a background in Supply Chain, Logistics and recently in business.

A thousands of shipments are happening around the world in the moment you’re reading this article, a shipments that are as huge as a baby whale or as tiny as a piece of paper, no matter what size your shipment is, shipping is kind of  a complicated and costly process, and that’s exactly what inspired the team, they noticed that shipping companies endorse high prices on shipments of weights less than 25 kgs although the time taken to deliver the item and the long fulfillment process, so they came up with an idea that can find the ultimate solution for all those problems in an easy , flexible procedure, and they started Amtea.

Amtea is a crowd-shipping platform that transports small and medium sized parcels within travelers unused luggage space,  it connects a traveler with someone who wants to send items to the same traveling destination, there brilliant idea offered an efficient and easy shipping alternative, reduced shipment costs by 70% with no custom or duty fees since items are considered to be the travelers personal property, on the other hand  this company will offer you as a traveler  the chance to lower your traveling expenses by renting the available luggage space during your travel and you might even travel for free if you carry enough weight, otherwise Amtea is environmentally friendly unlike any other shipping companies Amtea is aware of the influence of the traditional shipping procedure on the environment, the huge amount of paper and boxes which are used mostly for one time shipment then thrown away, that’s why in Amtea and given their transportation procedure used no packaging is necessary!

 The team then came to know about the Hult Prize that was taking place in their university looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable business, it  was a good chance for them to start growing their idea so they decided to compete, they have won first place in the OnCampus stage in Jordan at the JUST, then they got advanced to compete at the Hult Prize Toronto regionals summit among 80 other competing teams and have been announced as the first place winners to be advanced to the Hult Prize global accelerator in London  .

Being in such an inspirational community for a while have pushed the team to always present their best and to push their startup further. They had the chance to be coached, mentored and advised by great influencers although, Amtea had the opportunity to pitch in front of different juries which helped teaching the team how to think from all perspectives concerning their startup.

Amtea as any other startup faced many obstacles throughout the journey, but what makes it special is that they always pounce back even stronger, the latest obstacle they faced was the pandemic of Covid-19 which in somehow paralyzed their business as it relies on the traveling process, but they took it as an opportunity to invest all their efforts and energy to study in depth their business plan and to offer the customers exactly what they need , the way they need it, they entered the market for the testing stage. Given the circumstances and the very limited number of allowed travelers, Amtea was able to record 15 successful shipments in only a 2 weeks duration which all were successful with great feedback from the customers with more than 150 waiting orders, and that’s just the start.

 Amtea is still a small startup with a great well to grow in the crowdshipping field, their goal is  to expand their markets beyond MENA and go to Europe and North America, currently  they are developing their application where customers can easily connect to travelers. For now they are centered in Jordan offering shipments along one way routes, but they are looking to offer a lot more routes of shipments as they expand, and eventually be able to offer global shipments in the most safe, affordable, easy and minimal handling way.

At the end, Amtea would love to encourage youth from all around the world to engage in as many opportunities as possible to expand their vision and knowledge as they grow, they believe that it is your responsibility to search and look for your interests and develop. Your most important and difficult step is your first.  All you need to do is to focus and be courageous.

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