A Social Intervention Amidst A World Pandemic; How Yao Selorm Kuatsinu Co-founded Strictly Social Africa; A Budding Youth Movement.

By Nana Kwame Brobbey

Yao Selorm Kuatsinu is a 23-year-old final year student of University of Ghana studying Political Science. With an insatiable passion for youth development and empowerment, it was no surprise he was a force of competition at the University of Ghana Hult price challenge last year. Having held many positions in clubs, organizations and seasoned experience from internships and volunteerism, his sharpened leadership skills make everyone who knows him expect more from him in sharing his light and fostering change everywhere he finds himself.

Strictly Social Africa (SSA) is a media hub and movement that seeks to serve the youth’s social needs in terms of networking, communication, mental health and many more. This platform will guide and aid the modern-day youth to overcome all these barriers they see as challenging. Speaking to Selorm on his motivation to start S.S.A, he tells me,

“I had always wanted to start a youth movement, a haven to learn, have fun and be we as young folks with burning curiosity and interests but when Covid-19 struck, I felt the need to start now. Most of the vital skills needed to propel the youth forward is rarely ever taught in school. There’s no class on networking or even proper realistic communication in an era of social media addiction. Everyone can type a few lines filled with many emojis but in person, most of us are what I call an interaction wreck. Whist the world took a break because of the pandemic, I thought we get busy with honing our social skills.”

He set up S.S.A with his friend and now co-founder, Cecil Ato Quarshie to be able to offer the types of training they deemed necessary for the youth but in a more entertaining way. Aside formal masterclasses on zoom about networking, financial and time management, there are interesting media formats to bring the youth together. On their newly created YouTube platform, they have well-produced shows where they set up dates for total strangers to know each other, get acquainted and talk to each other without distractions from their phones. This and many other exciting formats are produced on the channel. What’s more remarkable to me is how they plan to use the S.S.A platform to raise awareness on mental health, sexual reproductive health and rape culture. In addition to all these initiatives is a side of philanthropy to the movement. S.S.A has already made its first donation of clothes to the less privileged in the community. Clothes they gathered from members and others throughout the use of social media.

On what challenges he has already faced since starting this initiative, Selorm mentions the slow pace of  exposure yet firmly assured himself and myself that it’s all part of the journey and soon, the platform will get better, bigger, cross borders and become a continental powerhouse.

More on what the future holds for him, he quotes his favorite Jay Shetty saying; “It’s amazing what we can do when our passion meets a purpose greater than ourselves.” He tells me with eyes filled with enthusiasm that even though he is still growing and is on a self discovery path, he knows that it is his passion to serve humanity and that he will, through as many channels aa possible. He is determined to leave this works better than he was born into.

After sitting down with Selorm, there was no doubt he is in every way deserving of our Unikorn profile of people doing great things in our community. A star who is dedicated to shining and sharing his light with the world.

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