7 New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

We gathered up the best resolutions to follow this 2020 to achieve your professional goals as an entrepreneur and grow personally through small changes that affect your daily routine, way of thinking and ultimately the way you act.

Be Grateful

Be grateful towards your past in order to open opportunities for your future. Everything you have done has brought you to this moment, made you hungry for success and relentless towards obstacles. As CEO of UrbanClab – Abhiraj Signh Bhal says look into the people that surround you and realize what each individual has injected into your life. Might include some harsh life lessons by people that are not in your life anymore but thanks to them you have grown. You can see it as simple as an equation where all adds into your life, or subtracts things that you don’t need.

Time Management

You’ve heard it before, ‘time is money’, ‘time waits for no one’, ‘don’t waist your time thinking about lost time’. Time IS precious, it is what defines life, what makes you grow old, what defines life and death, what controls our history and future. In all manners of speaking, time is the one true measurement unit. So what are you doing with yours? Author of The Human Edge: How Curiosity and Creativity are your Superpowers in the Digital Economy asks “why are we enslaved by a device that was supposed to liberate us?” It is time to take back control of your smartphone and the time you spend on it. How you ask? Greg Omre’s advice is to “first, audit your social media apps. Delete those that don’t make you genuinely happier. Second, redefine your relationship with ‘always-on’ work emails. Check your inbox three times a day at most.”

By taking these steps, leaders will be able to focus. “Use the time you save to explore”, suggests Orme. Read a book, take up meditation, write a story, draw something or learn a language. Curiosity and creativity are the workplace superpowers of the 21st century. To develop them, you need to learn how to protect your precious time. Just because you’re able to log in anywhere, anytime, doesn’t mean that you should.

Trust < Anything

“In the era of fake news, deepfakes, data breaches and unfair use of personal data, trust and transparency are gaining importance and value. The next year will bring yet another surge in concern over the way our data is being used, so brands must prove they can be trusted with our behavioral, contextual and emotional data if they are going to survive,” says Professor Steven Van Bellegheman expert in customer focus in the digital world and author of Customers The Day After Tomorrow. As an entrepreneur, your product/brand’s success hangs on the hands of your customers. Be real, be authentic, and gaining their trust is key.

Furthermore in personal social circles, it is time to do a social cleanse. There are fake people everywhere, you just need to know how to spot them. Surround yourself with people that you truly trust, that are bringing something to the table and hold nothing back. No time for bullshit pretend games.

Learn to say ‘No’ more

No is not negative. No is setting limits, focusing and prioritizing your time. This of course means making some hard choices that others might not approve, might event get hurt by as you let them down with the sound of ‘no’ coming from your mouth and maybe even some lost opportunities in the way. This all goes back to the idea of doing less but doing it better and a sure way to both personal and professional success. When you truly learn the value of the word no, you will see how time aligns to your priorities, you get more work done, and create that precious time for yourself along the way.

Add to Book List: Do Less, Get More How to Work Smart & Live Life Your Way By Sháá Wasmund.


We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips – want to know what is the capital of Andorra? Just ask Google. Need the exact conversion rate of USD to GBP? Google it. Forgot the notes from last meeting? Check your voice-notes. Want to remember that you have an important call next Tuesday at 11AM? Tell Siri. Not to mention the overload of information we receive on a daily basis that take up amounts in our memory which might not even be that relevant tomorrow or even in an hour. We have forgotten good-old memorization lost in technology that is a key skill in professional development. Try remembering your best friend’s phone number without going to your phone, hard right? This is why we must set aside a time each day to work on memorization.

Chester Santos a memory skills expert, speaker and author says that by “being able to quickly recall important facts and figures in meetings, talk confidently through presentations without notes, remember foreign language vocabulary and network like a social butterfly, all show how a powerful memory could be the secret weapon that makes you a much more effective leader.”

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Exercise. You might of read over a hundred articles stating anything from ‘one hour of low intensity exercise will keep you healthy and jovial’ all the way to ‘how to get abs in a week’. As humans who tend to prioritize beauty standards set by the constant media interaction we have 24/7 through propaganda, movies, music videos, Instagram and the latest trend of altering body apps – this has always been a love-hate relationship. But the science is there, if your body isn’t in constant movement – your mind is soon to follow. We are not saying to go out and buy a new gym subscription. Find what fits you best and truly enjoy, swimming, yoga or intense cardio. Find a way to make time for your body in this fast-paced environmental society, it is also so much cheaper than therapy.

Positive Manifestation

Finally – what do all these new resolutions of change have if they are not encompassed by a positive mind. The classic ‘glass always half full’ rather than empty situation. Don’t get us wrong, there might be shitty days ahead, being an entrepreneur is hard and resilience is what makes or breaks the leader. So how do you wake up every day, ready to take on whatever obstacle you must face today and lead your company forward? Optimism.

Take for instance, you had a pretty rough day tomorrow and are thinking about quitting. Maybe investors pulled out last minute, or your best employee quit. Time to close up shop? No. Take a moment at night every day to look back at today’s mistakes and the things that got you down, write them down and reflect. What did you learn from that horrible meeting with the investors? Absorb it and start tomorrow making those changes they suggested to push forward and stay positive.

Now let’s kick-off this New Year ready to make your goals a reality,

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney
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