The Cultural Impact of Online Dating

The age of the internet brings uncharted waters for young adults when it comes to dating. Older generations relied more upon in-person social gatherings to meet people. The younger generations look more to dating apps, such as Bumble and Tinder. This shift changed the culture around dating and the way people act while on dates.
In an article by the Atlantic titled “Tinder Changed Dating,” the author states that “the relationship economy has certainly changed in terms of how humans find and court their potential partners, but what people are looking for is largely the same as it ever was: companionship and/or sexual satisfaction.” The general goal of dating is the same, but the whole culture around dating has changed.
For instance, since dating apps are based on the idea of meeting strangers, people are more likely to exhibit bad behavior or stand people up. There is less pressure to be nice to people because at the end of the day these people are strangers. This type of dating is more focused on superficial features because it is about the initial impression of another person. The current generation longs to meet people in person, but meeting people in real life is becoming harder.
In an article done by the Pew Research Center titled “Americans Opinions about the Online Dating Environment,” researchers found out what Americans thought about the effects of dating on society: “50% of Americans believe their effect has been neither positive nor negative.” The Pew Research Center also found that 54% of Americans believe that online relationships have the same success rate as those for people who do not meet online. More time needs to pass in order to truly prove if online relationships are really just as successful as other relationships. One thing is for certain: the dating culture of the previous generation is now virtually nonexistent.

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