4 Reasons Why you Should be an Activist

The more issues our current society face, the more people start speaking up against it.

Our generation has so much noise,” says Alexa Chukwumah when she was talking about social media activism in her Ted Talk. This generation that is thriving in the information and technology era has reached a level of intellectuality no one has ever set foot on before.

What our Youth is accomplishing today is empowering from participating in politics, protesting, speaking up against injustice, and many other forms of activism that are solving many everyday adversities.

Our generation has access to so much information and so much audience through social media. That has made being an activist so much easier. 

So, why isn’t everybody an activist already?

First, let us take into consideration the definition of activism; Activism consists of efforts to impede or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental reform to make changes in society toward a perceived greater good.

Activism is also the action of speaking up about personal causes, raising an inner voice to support oneself’s opinions, and can take form in protests, social work, or problem-solving.

The use of the word “Activism” had started in the 20th century when people began protesting and revolutionizing against world war colonization. Later on, other forms of activism appeared, such as feminism, anti-racism, queer activism, and environmentalism. These movements accomplished so much and have contributed to making the world a better place.

That proves the importance of activism. So why aren’t you already an activist? Here are four reasons why you should be one:

1- Because you already are

Yes, you read it right. Everyone is an activist.

If you argued with your parents and stood up for yourself, you are an activist.

If someone in your class or your workplace has undergone injustice, and you stood up for them, you are an activist.

If you have been judged for your own opinions by someone and you spoke up against them or tried to convince them, you are an activist.

If we read the definition of “activism” again, we understand that it is about; raising your voice. 

So, yes, everyone has an activist inside of them; you only need to unleash it and ACT.

2- Because you need to

Activism is a form of self-expression. We, as humans, cannot remain silent and keep our thoughts to ourselves. We have this need to open up and speak out to express ourselves. It is a necessity!

When we express our feelings and our experiences, we will be able to deal with them a lot better. 

When someone speaks up about a bad experience, they may find other people who experienced the same thing; they will feel less alone.

The #MeToo movement is the best example that incorporates that idea. 

Women from all over the globe started telling their stories and speaking up against rape and sexual assault.

Activism helps you use your social background to benefit from it and help other people with it.

3- Because you are a citizen

Being a citizen and a member of society means you have to contribute to making it better.

As you have to vote and participate in politics as a citizen, you also have to be updated on news and issues in your country or region and do whatever you can to solve it by doing social work, community work, or activism.

It might seem like a lot of work, but actually, it’s not because every small action counts. You might think that by posting a three lines post on Facebook about how it’s crucial to save the environment, you are wasting your time. But in reality, you are not. If many people shared your post, some might get motivated by your post.

4- Because the world needs it

We live in a world of fake information and corrupt politicians, a world that would do despicable acts just for the sake of money.

We could not leave the choice in the hands of these maleficent powers.

That is why the world needs us, individuals, to act for human rights and the environment to remind politicians that we are not silent, that we’re here, and we are willing to take things into our hands and solve every current crisis.

Keep in mind that together, we can do anything and everything.

So, what are you waiting for?

It is your time to do the “act” in “activism”.

Written by Karim Benfadhel

Unikorn Staff
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