31 People Share The Best Piece of Advice They Have Received

From 31 strangers across 5 countries

Whether you’re a student, young adult, or parent, you have likely received advice from your parents, teachers, neighbors and everyone in between. We asked 31 people to share what the best piece of advice they have received, and we have their answers below. 

  1. “Work on the things only you can do and leave the rest to everyone else” -Harrison
  1. “Don’t be an asshole” -Oscar
  1. “If it feels like work get a new job” -William
  1. “Never make assumptions” -Alison
  1. “Be kind” -JT
  1. “Be yourself. Your original self” -Alex 
  1. “Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard” -Jose
  1. “The first person to believe in yourself is you” -Francisco
  1. “Don’t worry, just work” -Alejandro
  1. “If you’re afraid of doing things do it afraid anyways” -Antonio
  1. “You have to love what you do everyday. If you think it’s not worth it, then it’s not yours!”-Amanda
  1. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always” -Zara
  1. “People first, business seconded” -Sarah
  1. “If you had to choose between being right and being kind, then be kind.” -Sofia
  1. “Know your self worth and fight for it” -Colleen
  1. “All what you need to do is to believe that your future in your hands” -Ricardo
  1. “Always listen first, then speak” -Lila
  1. “The best thing about being a student is that you are allowed to make mistakes” -James
  1. “We all make mistakes, don’t let that be a reason you give up on someone” -Gabrielle
  1. “Don’t overthink things. Just do it and have fun” -Andreas
  1. “If people are coming to work excited, if they are making mistakes freely and fearlessly, if they are having fun… then you have a leader somewhere” -Elizabeth
  1. “Good decisions come from experience, experience comes from making bad decisions” -Bria
  1. “Inside each of our heads exists a battlefield of Kings and Jesters. Be careful if the side that triumphs, for the prevailing side will consume your mind with either order or chaos.” -Joanne
  1. “Do whatever you want, but be kind” -Landon
  1. “Ask. If you need or want something, ask” -Emily
  1. “You only live once”-John
  1. “Don’t overthink things, start working and learn while working” -Ameen
  1. “Airm for the moon. But start on the ground” -Liam
  1. “The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit” so keep fighting -Naomi
  1. “Be humble. Don’t let pride get in the way of anything” -Carol 
  1. “Have fun, life is too short” -Rose
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